[H] Sparkle Motion - Recruiting for MoP

Shattered Hand
We are looking for 1-2 good DPS to fill out our raid core for MoP. We have been around for about 3 years as a late night 10 man guild, but we will be moving to a evening schedule for Mists. We were 6/8H DS at 15% buff before we stopped raiding.

We will consider any class, but in particular we are looking for the following:
Shadow Priest
Elemental Shaman

Raid times during Mists will be Sunday, Tues, Wed 8 PM to 12 AM server. For the rest of Cata, we will be running 1 day a week (Sunday, 8 PM to 12 AM server).

If you are interested in joining us, please apply:

If you have any questions, contact Leyaon or Itelth/Sephridruid in game.
Updated Needs
And updated needs again.
And since I'm back again figured I'd reapply. This is contiego btw

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