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"Kialla." The draenei replied reaching for Allaynna's hand, pulling against the deathknight's weight and rising to her feet. The sand sunk beneath her hooves leaving a deep impression whereever she stepped.

"Anything survive from it, or anyone besides yourself?" Barely had she asked the question when the the mixed sounds of others shouting out from across the beach carried across to the pair. "Well, that answers that question...let's go find them." She brushed the sand off from her clothes with her good hand and turned towards the calls.

"Over here!"

She started into a run, but quickly subsided to a walk as the jolting motion sent a crippling pain roaring through her dislodged shoulder. She bent forward, grasping it. "Hell with this!" She groaned. With a quick shove, she tried to wrench it back in place, only to fail while multiplying the burning pain. Tears welled up in her eyes as she stood half-bent over, gasping, while waiting for it to subside to a sufferable point."
The young teen glanced warily between the Paladin and Night Elf woman before sighing. "I'm going to try to set up a bonfire - it should be a useful beacon for other survivors to find. If you could gather any torn sails or anything we can use to make a shelter from while you're looking....that would be wonderful. I doubt we've seen the last of foul weather."

With that said, she scuttled away before either decided to vent their frustration out on her. The damp linen of her skirts clung to her legs as she began looking along the edge of the beach close to the treeline for firewood. As she searched she saw a trail heading into the woods and stared at it. The grass was trampled to bare earth and wide enough for a couple people to walk down comfortably.

The fine hairs prickled at the back of her neck at the more than obvious sign of some form of civilization on this island. What if they were hostile?

She shoved that thought back and hurried as she gathered the firewood, dragging it back to a small grove of palm trees with a tall sand dune by it - if they found any material they could use, she figured then they could probably set up a couple decent sized lean-tos or tents. Driftwood was cluttered at the base of the trees and she added them to the collection of firewood. Finding one that was decently curved, she shrugged out of her pack and got down on her knees to start digging out a decent-sized fire-pit.

First the bonfire. Then she or one of the others could construct a temporary shelter. After that, they would have to venture inland to find a source of fresh water and possible food if they had no luck catching any fish. long would it take for the harbormaster and those waiting in Ratchet to know something was wrong? How long until someone came looking? Would they come looking?
Anthony stops and turns on the balls of his feet and stare's at the night elf, " Well you listen here. I ain't like my brother's and sisters of the light. My sisters take care of the healing. I carry out the sentence for the crime's against the church. I do not intened to fight anyone as of now do not hand twinkletoes..." at that he move's to stare at the night elf woman toe to toe.

After a few second s he spits on the ground, stare's at the woman and shake's his head. And looks back to the younger priest staring he nod's" Good idea girl. I am going to go find any native's on this island. Anyone can come but i am going by myself or with others." At that he spins on the balls of his feet and walks toward the forest clenching the mace in a death grip.
Arianna smiles has the short human tries to match her height and fails. When he walks off she shouts "Good, I hope you get roasted in a fire pit!" And then turned and saw a dranei limping down the beach and stopping to hold her side. She walked down holding the side she had bandaged because it stung again. She had barely acknowledged the young priest and felt a little bad about that.

"How ya feeling?" She asks the dranei when she gets to her.
Allaynna started to speak, and then groaned and walked after Kialla. As she reached the Draenei, she nodded at woman, "Looks like we're not the only ones, hm?"

As the Night Elf spoke to the Draenei, Allaynna gestured at the latter, "Are you alright?"

Running a hand through her copper hair, the death knight shook another batch of sand out of her armor, "You know," she began, "I saw a fairly large piece of sail back the beach a ways..."
With the firepit dug, she began to load it with wood and twigs; if the contents of her pack had been dry, she would have been able to use scraps of linen or paper within to aid in starting the fire. As it was, she had to make do with the a small amount of dead, dry leaves and small twigs she had found. Using the trick her older sister had taught her, she managed to get the fire started. It was small for now, but soon, hopefully it would become a roaring bonfire, a beacon for the others as well as any other possible survivors.

Shivering in her wet clothes, she reluctantly shrugged out of the robe she had pulled on over her nightgown. Brushing sand and dirt off the thick wet linen, she glanced over it and made note of the repairs that would have to be made once everything had calmed down. Dropping it by her pack, she huddled back by the growing fire; the heat should dry the thinner linen of her nightgown swiftly.
Arianna looked over at the human, automatically knowing she was a death knight. She wondered if she would have anymore racist comments thrown at her. She had half a mind to stalk into the woods and shoot an arrow through the old mans heart. "Oh I'm fine and dandy" She said raising her arms up and showing her side, and also getting a annoyed snap from her owl cause of raising up her arm to high. "I feel like I have the whole wide world at my fingertips!" She said before dropping her arms and putting a scowl on her face.

"There is this young priestess down there that can probably help you with your wounds or anything else, shes making camp somewhere down the beach. I'll go get the sails." She walked off past them and down the beach.
"Like I got stood on by an elekk." Kialla replied to the elf's question. Her face flushed a deep hue at the sudden attention from those around her, and she stood up straight in a vain efford to suppress it.

"I think I dislocated my arm when I fell off the ship. I fell when it tipped over and I hit the railing. I can still move it, so I don't think it's broken. Bit more than a touch of magic will fix though, I'm sure."

She brushed sand still stuck on her dress. It was still soggy from her swim and clung to her figure, making her feel all the more vunerable. She was used to wearing her armor around, not being caught dead soaked in her sleepwear. She glanced down the beach at some of the rubble that had washed up from the ship, wondering if some of her things had shown up. She doubted it. Heavy as plate was, there wasn't much chance of it going anywhere but straight down in that murky water.

"What are you going to need the sails for, Allay? I'm not so crippled I can't walk, I don't need a stretcher."
Anthony scoff's as he walks away, the cursed weaklings he mutters to himself as he walks down into the jungle. Looking around he rolls his eye's he never liked forest much at all. Anthony stops and looks around, a fleeting figure appears in his peripheral vision as he spins to follow it. A knife clatter's off his plate armor and he rips the mace through fallen branch's and raise's his mace and yell's ' FIGHT ME COWARDS!."

A troll drops from the tree's and without a word charge's. Anthony smile's and raise's the mace with a cry of " FOR THE LIGHT!" as he bears down on the troll. He had just noticed the troll had drawn a wickedly curved dagger in both hands and was twirling both expertly. As they almost meet, the troll leaps into the air only to meet the hard coldness of a mace now blazing yellow light as Anthony finish's the swing and the troll hits the ground with a sickening crack. Looking at the limp body he grab's the body and turns and walks back to the beach.

With a shrug he looks to the other's " Island is inhabited by some Trolls i think. I encountered this one half a mile in the forest. Anyone here familiar with troll history of the sorts? And before any of you moan and complain of how i killed a native, to be fair he attacked me first." With a shrug he kicks the body lightly as he gather's wood and starts to craft a structure out of the branches around the bonfire slowly but surely. Looking at the other's he smile's" Get me some canvas and we can have a dry place to wait and talk.
Arianna found the large piece of sail after about a quarter mile walk. She was in no hurry and lounged herself next to the pile of canvas. She slid her silver bow with Kal'dorei scripture wrote on it. She slid the silver arrow out of her quiver and another arrow appeared in its place instantly with the enchantment she had put on it. She pulled back the string and aimed quickly at a bird that flew out a tree. The arrow flew and struck it perfectly and the bird fell down a few feet down the beach.

She smirked, walked over and put it in her pack. She went back and picked up the large piece of sail and walked down the beach again. On her way she made sure her black cloth armor was fine and that the black hood was pulled up. Her long blue hair was still tangled and falling down in odd angles. "I need a brush before I go mad." She muttered.

"Look what I got." She said walking into the camp and dropping the sail at her feet and the dead bird. She takes a mock bow and walks of and leans against a tree. She looked off in the distance and still saw some gray clouds.
Allaynna watched the Draenei carefully, and then nodded, "The sails'll be helpful for anything else we might need, shelter, warmth, rain catching, what have you," she chuckled, gesturing towards the campfire and the young priestess, "Come on, let's fix your shoulder."

As they arrived at the camp, Allaynna tried a small smile at the priestess, thinking it probably had failed and twisted into some rendition of a grimace. Kicking herself mentally, she tucked her helmet under an arm and approached the younger woman slowly, wanting to avoid startling her, "Hey there," she said softly, her voice echoing slightly.
When the paladin came back with the Troll's body, the bonfire was roaring, Maj recoiled when he dropped the body and kicked it. His words a dull buzz in her ears. The path she saw there really were natives.

As he began constructing the frame for a temporary shelter, she pulled her eyes away from the body of the dead Troll and back to the fire. If the natives were hostile, then they were outnumbered and on unfamiliar ground. The only weapon she had were her tailoring shears in her kit, somewhere in her pack. And she couldn't pull on her depleted mana, which has yet to naturally replenish itself, so she couldn't cast any spells. Certainly not for combat, much less healing...

"Hey there." The voice had an unnatural echoing quality and she looked at the newcomers, pulling herself out of her thoughts.

The voice and glowing eyes, despite the human appearance....a Death Knight? She had seen a few, from a distance, but not up close and speaking to one! The young teen nervously played with the locks of messy, tangled hair that had fallen into her face.

"H-hello," Maj stammered out shyly; she hoped her robes would be dry soon - sitting around in her nightgown like this made her feel so young and vulnerable...
(The post kina leaves on a stump, i'll fix it later)

Chronius was in his cabin under the deck of The Adventurous Lad, too reclusive to bother with an on deck cabin. It was mostly filled with alchemy supplies, Herbs, Phials, and a Mortar and Pestle. He was just finished with double checking if he had enough to last him a few months of experimenting. When he checked if the already-made potions, (If very few), were still intact the boat started rocking. More than usual, a Phial fell out of its bag and on to the floor, shattering. The first thing that passed his head was 'Did the Goblins have too much ale?'. The second thing to cross his head was a wooden beam.

The wood whizzed past his head and broke a hole into his cabin, making a easy entrance for freezing water to come into. There was a heavy storm out, or he thought so from the repeating thunder. The boat then threw him on the wall, potentially knocking someone who wasn't a Tauren. But it still hurt. He managed to get up o his feet and grabbed a bag of herbs a bag of phials and the potions. He got halfway to the stairs when the boat tumbled him over, to the top of the stairs.
His vison went fuzzy for a moment, but he managed to open the door to the deck. He was right about the storm, but he was not concerned about that at the moment.

He got to the edge of the now Half-Ship and jumped over. He wasn't worried about drowning; his Pauldrons were made out of wood. And he was holding onto a wooden barrel. Something hit the water that could make milk into butter. Everything went black.


Chronius awoke in darkness. He opened his eyes only to get sand in them. He closed them as he got up. As he was rubbing his eyes he remembered what happened. "I survived a shipwreck?" He coughed twice. "Well, if I survived, Where am I?" He opened his eyes and saw that he was on a sandy beach with a few crabs about. Off in the distance there were a few clouds, but otherwise it was clear.

"I couldn't have been the only survivor, ther-" His body suddenly remembered the pain that it was in and he collapsed. He almost went unconscious again. Before he did, he recalled the potions. He tried to reach into his bag, but his right arm didn't respond. He grunted and tried his right arm. Painfully, he reached for one of the red potions. He grabbed the cork with his teeth, pulled it out, and then drank the contents. He then was able to stand up, but was still in pain. He looked down to see his normally grey fur red. "Ach, I better save those. I don't know what i'll find on this Island. Do I remember any of those healing spells?"

He coughed again and tried to cast a simple rejuvenation spell, but it failed. He sighed, "I guess I'm too exhausted when I need it." He looked up to see if it was going to rain, and saw some grey clouds. Not from it about to rain, but from smoke. "And when there's smoke, there's fire. I guess i'll have to start walking." He tried to stand up, and he barely succeeded. He stumbled up onto his hooves, the sand shifting under him. And then Chronius started his long walk filled with aches.
Baxley ran through the islands treetops, jumping from tree to tree, his faithful white wolf companion, Nartan, ran on the ground easily keeping pace. The two sped through the island looking for more survivors of the crash. He had been reading a book in his cabin abooard the ship when they had crashed. He and Nartan tread water for a few hours before washing ashore, physically and mentally exhausted. Luckily Baxley had had some healing potions on him and they were fine after a good rest. Nartan had heard something and now went in the direction of the noise. Baxley too could hear it. It sounded like stumbling an heavy steps. Running faster, but staying silent the hunters moved foward and eventually saw a large tauren dresses in what looked like Druid garb.

'Druids are nuetral, arent they' thought the mute. He smiled and signaled to Nartan that it was okay. They walked out of the bushes over to the tauren, making sure not to look threatening. The worgen held his hands in front of him to show that he didnt mean any harm and used sign language to say, 'I mean you no harm. I survived a shipwreck and I am looking for survivors. Are you one?'

He just prayed to the light that the tauren could understand sign language.
Kialla didn't argue with Allaynna, but just nodded and followed along with the group towards the camp that the priestess had so diligently started building. She was happy to see the glimmer of the fire and feel the wave of warmth as she got close to it. It had been awhile since she'd been 'warm'...the ocean waters having left her soaked and chilled to her bones. Bracing herself with her good hand, she let herself collapse beside the fire.

Her eyes lingered on the flickering flames a moment, then she glanced around the camp. The dead body of the troll caught her eye, and she glanced between it and the paladin standing above it.

"Where did you find that thing? Tell me you found him like that and you didn't kill him..."

If trolls lived here, the death of one at their hands would only hasten any hostility, possibly ending in their demise if they'd found out. Kialla shuddered at the thought. Everything she had got lost in that storm, armor, weapons, potions, gold...being stuck on an island of angry trolls wearing practically nothing but a sheet didn't sound like a very amusing situation. Still, first things first..and fixing her arm was at the top of her list, then to find some decent attire.
Arriana looked around the camp and was not the least perturbed by the dead body. She still could see storm clouds off in the distance where the ship wreak probably was. They needed to get off the beach has soon has possible. She looked around the camp again and scoffed. What was she thinking, none of these people were ready to go into a jungle infested with predators, she still had random stinging pains in her side.

She pulled out her bow and put in arrow in it and was ready to fire but simply walked by them. "I'm going hunting!" She called over her shoulder. She slid through the brush of the treeline and made sure she was always in sight of the beach. The only game she got was 3 rabbits and 2 birds and crammed them in her pack. Its not like she needed cover, with all of her black gear, she decided to step out a little further from the woods and walked down the beach yawning.

She suddenly came across a strange sight of a worgen and a tauren, the worgen trying to use sign language to communicate. Arriana rolled her eyes and pulled back her bow string and walked up. "Friend or Foe?" She asked them both.
Nartan growled at the woman threateningly but Baxley signaled it was okay. He looked at the woman and gave the most innocent smile he could, but his fangs may have hindered it a little. He made a few signs with his hands saying, 'I am a survivor of the crash. Are you also one?' Nartan let out a nother growl but this time at the direction of the camp. Baxley shushed him and calmed him by patting his head. He then turned back to woman hoping she wouldnt try to attack. When your stuck on island like this alliances like the alliance or horde didnt really matter so he wasnt sure how she might act.
The Kal'dorei rolled her eyes at him. Great, I'm stuck on an unknown island with someone else that has a disability. "Yes I'm survivor from the ship wreak" She told him, hoping he wasn't also deaf. "I was really pointing the question at the talking cow over here." Arriana jerked her thumb at the tauren. "the camp of survivors is down the beach that'away." She told him, pointing off to where the smoke was coming from.

She kept her weapon trained on the tauren. "Now I'll ask again, friend or foe?"
As Chronius was walking to the source of the smoke, he noticed a sound from the trees. At first he thought nothing of it, but then a large wolf-like figure leaped from the trees and landed uncomfortably close to him. At first he thought "Well, I guess when wolves start leaping from trees, my world comes to an end." He thought for sure that the wolf was going to kill him, but then he noticed that the 'wolf' was standing on its hind legs.

He must have been delirious from dehydration, because he was either hallucinating or the thing in front of him was Worgen. Then the being started moving its hands around in strange formations, something that the Tauren didn't understand. His mind wasn't exactly racing, if you call racing riding in a circle racing. When he thought straight again, he decided that if the thing was really a Worgen that he would try to talk with it in the tongue of the Humans; Common. "Do you know where we are?" he first asked. Before the being could respond he noticed another figure, probably a visage, but it spoke in a feminine voice; "Friend or Foe?" A dog growled, definitely not the 'worgen' but a dog he had not noticed. He ignored it, and the 'worgen' looked towards the woman, letting Chronius get a look at her. She was a Night Elf, but that was the only thing he could see before he couldn't focus any more.

The 'worgen' made a few more gestures that the bull now thought it was a sort of communication. He wasn't sure what it was, but before he could think any more, the Elf said more, "Ash ne hamerung uden vos odes nagan," At that moment he realized that she wouldn't be speaking Orcish, so he focused a bit. "I was really pointing the question at the waldir cow over here." He wasn't sure what 'waldir' meant, but he listened on. "The camp of survivors is down the beach that way." She did something that shook her, he didn't see what it was, but she pointed a bow he now saw at him.

'I must have been out for a while, I can't focus much at all.' The Elf continued, "Now I'll ask again, friend or foe?" He used all his concentration on speaking common; "Friend if you put that bow down," he was talking in terse sentences, unable to think to hard, "I can't focus at all, I think I am dried out. I need help and I can't stay awake much longer." At that moment he fell over face first into the ground. His horns almost went into the ground, but kept his snout from touching too hard. He had literately fell into unconsciousness.
From what Arraina could tell the tauren was seriously drunk, had bad hearing, didn't understand her, or was still waterlogged. She decided he could be trusted for now and was about to put her bow away when the tauren suddenly started falling face forward.

"Oh by Elune!" Arriana stepped back and scoffed has the tauren fell out cold. She slid her bow back into place on her back and put the bow in her quiver. She growled and walked over to a piece of sail she couldn't carry that seemed big enough and slid the tauren on it. "I am either crazy or seriously stupid." She muttered before grabbing the end of it and heaving on it.

She looked back only to notice they only had gone a few feet. She growled again and started to yank on it harder. If she kept this up all the way to camp she would pass out when she got back. "I hope that fool Paladin has that tent set up." She muttered.

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