Satisfy your <Ambition> - 8/8 HDS

True to our word, we are charging onward into MOP with no hesitation.

We at Ambition pride ourselves on our commitment to having fun and kicking butt with a group of folks who are all close enough friends to call each other family. But don't let that intimidate you - we welcome new members with just as much enthusiasm as we welcome each other. No one is left behind in our love parade!

... Er, I think this post has veered a little off course. Alright, alright, to the details!

Who: <Ambition>, level 25 Horde guild (raiding, social)

What: Folks looking for a fun, tight-knit atmosphere who want to dip their toes into raiding - we need people who can sub in on nights we don't have our full roster!

When: Wed/Sat/Sun, 8pm-11pm server time

Why: For awesome memories of spending time with people you care about to kill internet dargons!

As your friendly, neighborhood raid leader, I strive to create an environment that is both fun and satisfying in its progression. Although decimating internet pixels with your shiny avatars is a reward unto itself, it also comes with the benefit of getting you what many call "phat lewtz"! <Ambition> distributes the spoils of our victories using a random roll system, giving preference to main spec over off spec and with a policy of one upgrade per raider. This does not mean we waste loot, however, and if no one else needs a piece for their main spec and you have already won something, we will still happily hand over your purple shinies. We are also looking to institute a system that gives bonuses to your rolls depending on attendance; the details of said system will be set up prior to starting raiding in Mists.

<Ambition> also hosts a Wednesday evening newbie-and-alt run at 8pm server time. If you are looking for a fun and friendly place to call home and want to dabble in raiding every so often, we can accommodate you! Our glorious officer Atrusa, who is fantastic and wonderful in every possible way, is always populating our calendar with fun outings and challenges (gotta get those guild-level nerd points somehow!), and many of our members are notorious altoholics, so there is rarely a shortage of things to do.

Please contact myself, Atrusa, or ßrent in-game if you are interested in joining <Ambition>. If you cannot find us, contact anybody online in the guild and they can likely point you to whatever alt we're poking around on. :)

I hope to hear from you soon!

Every Ambition-er I've met has been good peeps and a lot of fun. They make me want an extra lockout and nine more hours in the week!!
Very nice post Antimony! Not quite sure I'm glorious, ha, ha, ha....but this has been the best raiding guild I have ever been in and that is thanks to you and many of our long standing members. We have some of the most loyal, committed raiders on Ravenholdt who always seem to pitch in together to get things done. It will be nice to find a strong, loyal tank to add to our family so that our other members can go back to dpsing and doing what they love.
Happy circumstance has added a great new friend to Ambition's raid team (hi, Oliver/Bubblz!), but we are still looking for a tank! Help us finish out the raid tier, get some shiny guild achievements, and plow full-steam into Mists of Pandaria!
Im looking for a guild to go with on Raids as a tank. Still a little off on gear.

Can raid Tuesday and Wednesday Nights at GF's discretion. She will be dk tank as well in a bit.
These people are pretty cool and I think I've only given a couple of them drinking problems.

They have the official Draxonicar Seal of Approval™, a very elite symbol of recognition shared with funny pictures of cats, people who get angry on the internet and those little cocktail weenies.
Thank you for the support, Drax! Funny cat pictures and the player behind Antimony get along very well, and now I want to go out and buy little cocktail weenies and a can of those pillsbury croissant rolls so I can make pigs in a basket. Soooooo delicious...

@Woden: Our main team raids Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (though we are currently considering changing that Friday to a Wednesday time), so unfortunately it looks like your availability doesn't line up with ours. :(
09/02/2012 12:54 PMPosted by Antimony
pigs in a basket.

Pigs in a blanket.

Also, that does sound good x.x
I blame the fact that I likely still had alcohol in my system from last night's drunk RP. D:

And yes. So tasty.
I blame the fact that I likely still had alcohol in my system from last night's drunk RP. D:

And yes. So tasty.

Don't drink and fly.

And those are the best.
Two weeks ago, Ambition fully cleared heroic Dargon Soul! Woo go, team, go! I'm super proud of every last one of you. :)

I have updated my original post with new recruitment needs. We are still looking for one tank for our MOP raiding team, as well as a couple dps.

Our raid times have also changed slightly. They are now Wed/Sat/Sun, 8pm-11pm server time (EST).

If these new times line up with your schedule, you can fill one of the roles we are searching for, and you want to become part of a family that values both fun and progression, then <Ambition> may be for you!
one tank (druid, DK, or monk),

09/18/2012 11:45 AMPosted by Lukar
one tank (druid, DK, or monk),


Don't hate on quality, broski. <3
09/18/2012 11:45 AMPosted by Lukar

I've made my offer, Lukar (and even gave you a choice)! :P You're just being all wishy-washy about it.
Well if we had two warrior tanks we couldn't raid that way. All the raid bosses would flee immediately when we zoned in. The whole instance would just despawn.
09/21/2012 02:16 PMPosted by Twinflame
Well if we had two warrior tanks we couldn't raid that way. All the raid bosses would flee immediately when we zoned in. The whole instance would just despawn.

So long as they leave the loot behind I fail to see a problem with this.
yes. i notice your raiding times will work out for. i have 3 85's atm and is currently looking to transfer from a pst srver to est server to match my times. i'll be levling my hunter first unless ur currently in need of a dk dps ms / tank os (will switch tank if need be), or a shammy healing ms/ enhancement dps os. i do have Rp eperience from former/still playing games, Swtor, DnD mmorpg/ and Book game, RS, Etc.

Cata progression, (Spliffa) Hunter 8/8 nm Ds, (Twinklenads) Shammy 8/8 nm ds 1/8 hm, (Ånimàl) dk last progression was 12/12nm from the first 3 raids. but do know the fights, and do research class/spec, and strats for the fight.

i have my mop pre-oreder but wont be able to pick it up until after work, and currently have basic internet until next month when my internet company updated satillite is operational so, i be currently leveling in the process. until the my internet is updated. And atm i can only transfer 1 toon for the time being.
Hello, Spliffa! :) Wonderful to hear from you regarding your interest in Ambition. I would be potentially interested in your hunter for our team and would love to talk to you in-game some more. I'll be on Anti here a lot over the next several days, so if you can, try to poke me in WoW so we can chat.

Hope to hear from you soon!
Ok will do be on tonight and I have pre pay card for the transfer. Should I make a toon an get ahold that way or go ahead and transfer?
Hold off on the transfer until I can get ahold of you in-game and I get a chance to talk over some things with a couple of my other raiders. :)

[edit] Just thought of something easier! My battle tag is Naunet#1323 - feel free to add me so we can coordinate. We're doing guild dungeon runs this Saturday at 8pm server, and it'd be great if you could join us, even if cross-realm!

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