[A] <Unprincipled> <25> 8/8H 10m. LFM for MoP

<Unprincipled> (25) 8/8 HM 10m. Multiple Raid teams with different schedules.

Team Formed June 19th, and currently reforming the team for MoP to rank higher on the server aswell as the rankings for U.S. overall. Also looking for more members for casual and semi-hardcore raid teams, including casual members that are interested in Leveling, "Old World" raids, and other non-current raiding activities. If you are seeking a spot on one of the guilds raiding teams for MOP or just interested in joining as a casual, Please visit Unprincipledguild.com to apply. :)


Ranged: Closed.
Melee: Closed.
Healers: Closed.
Tanks: 1 Guardian Druid or 1 Blood Deathknight

ATTN: Monks ARE also welcome, provided you can level and master your Monk by the first Raid Release.

Current Raid Days and Times: Tuesday/Wednesday 8:00 pm -12:00am EST(SERVER TIME)
Incoming Schedule changes due to work/school/other; Willing to negotiate times WITH the group.

What we expect:

-Show up on time for scheduled raids
-Come prepared
-Know the fights
-Be willing to learn and make adjustments where necessary
-Know your class
-Have a microphone
-Stable Internet Connection

If interested contact Seralenn in game; Or please post below. Thanks! :)
bump for the sake of potato
Still in search for a Warlock!(:
And any cashew-lls who would like to join the guild! :D
Bump for updated info! :)
New/more Openings Available! :)
Bump, I should be back online in a couple hours if anyone is/was looking to speak with me, incase I am not you can always send a mail and I will contact back ASAP! :)
Wubdubwub00@gmail.com send me a yell plz.
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