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Well my server is all but dead at this point and thinking about transferring, wondering if any guilds need a hunter for raid progression in MoP. I went 6/8H in DS and then raid team fell apart.
Burnley <Facerollers> is a newly formed guild that is 8/8HM DS that has a spot open for a hunter if we mesh. Raid days are Tues-Thurs 8-11pm server (Stormrage-US), we are a group of friends that enjoy playing WoW while downing content in a timely fashion, we take raids serious and come with the A game. If interested you can reach me at Kealz#1216
what times are you interested in raiding in? Reign of Valor has a 25 man raiding group that is on wed/thurs at 7:30 server. if your interested hit me up or Kathandris
What kealz said. Contact me in-game or kealz. For expedite response put in an application on www.facerollers.org/recruitment (the application is a simple 2 minute form that has been modified to look for able raiders for MOP).

I am looking for a hunter for MOP. Please see guild details on link attached or you can contact me in game.

Cosa Nóstra is looking for more range DPS for our 2 night a week 25 man run in MoP. We're an adult guild that is focus on progression with a casual schedule. Check us out at www.cnguild.enjin.com

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