Hell or Fel?

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Which one do you say? Personally, I say hell because.. something about saying fel just irks me.
Neither. I say either "Nether," "Twisting Nether," "Great Dark," "Beyond," "Dark," or "Great Dark Beyond."
Oooo. I'll ad that to my lists of IC insults.
If I'm cursing, Hell.

If I am describing Demon Magic, Fel.

It really bothers me when people say "Go to Fel", as fel is not a place.

It's like saying "Go to Arcane." It is just stupid.
Fel just sounds pretty awkward in sentences not describing well...fel magic stuff.

Hell for me!
It really bothers me when people say "Go to Fel", as fel is not a place.

It's like saying "Go to Arcane." It is just stupid.

Go to holy!
I dunno, there was a similar conversation up about this issue a few months to a year ago. I only remember it 'cause I believe the opinions seemed to point towards using 'fel' as a curse word. Occasionally I'll use it, but to be entirely honest with you, I'd much rather use 'hell', because it sounds less retarded xD. Since the general census seems to have changed, I'm going back to using 'hell'.

My other list of "swear" works includes "frack", "shiet", and "!@#$%^"(aparently it won't let me say that) But that's mainly because that's actually how I'm pronouncing it in real life xD. 'Cause I throw grammar and pronunciation out the window when I'm just talking to hear the lurvely sound of my voice xD .

Other ones I might start using are "blast-ended skank", "!@#$%crux"(oh noes! but that one's funny T-T), and Voldemort's nipple, but those might be too HP for WoW >.>
He would just say INTO THE POT WITH YOU! If he got really mad. But yea, hell is a horrible place, fel is a type of magic.
08/22/2012 09:33 PMPosted by Laviette
My character Jeliana will use every modern insult. I don't go too far.. but it's a big list. But On Topic, I prefer Hell, because like everyone said, Fel is stupid as a curse.
Considering a lot of major warcraft characters have said "Hell" even in the context of the realm of unpleasant things in the afterlife, I tend to use it. Also saying "To Fel with this" sounds dumb as !@#$.

Also on the nature of a certain four-letter word, I use "Fek" because it fits my character's accenting. Also it's hilarious.
Hell all the way. IMO I think most of the people that use fel (most....most, not all) is either because a) they are still quite young and cussing isn't allowed or b) They just flat out don't like cuss words and use 'fel' instead.
I just curse normally.
Fel isn't a place

therefore Hell wins :)
But is Hell a place in the world of Azeroth? Or underworld rather..
Yes it is. In many quests people say Hell. In the Gilneas starting area, or rather, when they are at the end on the Horde zeppelin, Lorna Crowly states "Let's send these (something I forgot) to Hell!" or something around that area.
I'll put it this way:

His name wasn't "Grom Felscream".
08/25/2012 05:20 PMPosted by Calberth
His name wasn't "Grom Felscream".
08/25/2012 05:20 PMPosted by Calberth
His name wasn't "Grom Felscream".

He was actually starscream

But srsly I would use Hell.
I'm lost as to why people feel a need to sound natural using swears in a fantasy universe. It's modern swears that likely sound just as odd inside the Warcraft setting.

Think of it this way for a moment - hell is an incredibly strong word in real life, because it's either a common theme in numerous religions or else something that's just common knowledge regarding morality... and it's something SEVERE. Eternal torment makes a pretty strong context for the word you utter in frustration.

However, in the Warcraft Universe we have no evidence that the idea of hell is preached in the religion of the Light, which seems to focus more on the present, and inner good/evil rather than eternal judgment. Likewise, there's a lot of other philosophies that don't focus on divine themes and an afterlife at all. As a result, hell could likely be a sort of general term, though still a fairly strong one, for "bad place." This sets up a very strong argument that fel, the corrupting magic that comes from the blood of demons on a cosmic genocide, is a much more fitting swear with how universally it's known and how its effects can be clearly seen in many parts of Azeroth.

(Personally though, my characters don't use typical swear words, and instead make exclamations, usually Light themed. But I find the discussion interesting, and I believe there's arguments that make either swear choice valid. And I can't cite this unfortunately, but I think I recall seeing both used by NPCs... the use of 'fel' being the rare one I don't know where to find, of course. Maybe someone would like to take up my quest and search for that?)

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