Looking for late night raid

Soo, long story short i'm looking for a late night guild to preferably just raid with, but if needed, i can join as well.

I like my guild, but i started working 2nd shift at work and now i am unable to raid with them.

I'm looking for 1am-ish start times (central time zone) with preferably good progression, but i realize in this crappy timeslot 8/8H is kinda steep to ask for.

I am a 405Holy/402Ret/398Prot pally, and i also have a 402ish hunter...if any of these classes fit what you need hit me up with a reply on here or try to catch me in game. I have no problem applying and joining a new guild if need be, but i'm mainly looking for a "raid" rather than a guild.

Reason for posting on the realm forums: I honestly don't know what guilds even raid at this time slot.

Edit: Added a link to my hunter...
any late night guilds at all...?
still looking... :/

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