Dishonor Elite going for top200US MoP


Looking for solid players for our core team in MoP, all spots are earned. High need for Monk/Lock dps but almost all classes are open.

Raid Times:
Tuesday-Thursday 7-11pm server
I could see how the post can be a bit misleading, however it should have been stated that is our goal and had been a bit more descriptive in what we are doing.

Thanks for pointing that out though I'll get this resolved as quickly as possible.

Still looking for more for the core team. High need for monk/lock
To be a little more specific, we finished tier 13 25 man as follows:

25 Man World 930
25 Man US 333
25 Man Server 2

We are pushing for 25 Man server 1st and US 200 for MoP. The link you posted shows all guilds 10 and 25 Man.

We are looking for people that play their class in an exceptional manner, therefore all classes are open for recruiting. We are a competition based guild where your performance is the only factor in you attaining and keeping your raiding position.

Also something of note, there are many new 25 Man raiding guilds that are coming to the scene in the face of MoP release. We have been and will always be a 25 Man raiding guild since the incepetion of this guild some 5 years ago.

Feel free to look us up at or if you have questions you can email me at or throw myself, Caydin or Stind an in game mail. Thank you for your time.
I have a buncha of old friends who might be willing to app. Let me see what I can do! :D
I missed Cata completely and just returned 3 days ago. I'm currently playing catch-up, but I'd love to find a guild on the Proudmoore server. I spent some time leveling a new toon there, and the people were very friendly and helpful.

Question: do you experience a lot of latency due to the higher population? Also, I realize you are Alliance, but I was thinking about making this character a night elf or something else on the Alliance side (something fun). I also have two more 80s that I have to level before MoP (Frost Mage, and Ret/Holy Pally). Thanks.
We are accepting apps for all classes and specs, feel free to drop an app at Not raiding for the entire last expac would be something difficult to overcome, but not impossible if you can display the right attitude, desire and commitment that we are looking for in our raiders.
I long for the days of our servers AQ and Isle of Q glory days, where we did our server proud on both factions.

God speed folks - I want to see everyone bemoaning how awesome our server is. I only wish I had the time/skill to be doing it.

Go for eet!
Still on the lookout for skilled ranged classes.
High need for monk/lock/rogue dpsers to beat drav!
High need for monk/rogue dps, but openly recruiting everything
Still a high need for monk/rogue dps, but also ret pally
High need for monk/rogue dps, all classes are still open though
Still recruiting to strengthen the core for top200US MoP
We are looking mainly for solid/competitive ranged dps for MoP
Still looking for more core ranged dps, especially spriest/ele shaman
Looking for solid ranged dps for the core
As people come back to the game in anticipation of MoP release, some may be looking for a new home. I posed a question to guildies, what would you say to attract players to our guild? These are some of the responses given:

Patience when it comes to raiding new content, we do expect that there will be a learning curve. We have many knowledgable members whom are able to help with people that need it, whether it be about a few things with their particular class or we can offer our varied opinions and you can do what you believe is right in the end.

Constant progression. We believe that moving through the raid content is crucial to the morality of any guild. Yes we have bashed our heads against many a brick wall, but you know what? We've broken those walls with minimal injuries.... to most of our members, some are still in recovery. But in the end we down it, believe me that satisfying feeling is the same no matter where you are in the game.

We've got a fairly open sense of humor, if you've got a dirty mind. Chances are we will cracks jokes all night long

This is one of the very few guilds that actually does stuff together outside of raiding. We run alts runs, 5 mans, help each other farm random things.

Our bigger selling point would be that you guys do give everyone a fair chance at raiding to prove themselves.

So if you are looking for a guild with these qualities and a desire to be the best 25 Man raiding Guild on the server drop by and check us out.

You can also reach me at or catch me in game
Recruiting more for the core especially ranged dps

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