[A] High Caliber (2 night 10 man) (13/13H)

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High Caliber Information
Server: Korgath
Faction: Alliance
10 Man Guild


Raid Times: Tuesday/Thursday: 8-12 Central Standard Time
**We have only raided a 3rd night once in MoP and it was an optional raid with a pug in it even that lasted 2.5 hours**

See how you compare to our raider's parses:

Jaeriko, battletag = Jaeriko#1750

Loot Distribution:
As loot is very easy to distribute in the 10 man environment it is done openly in the raid. In the rare case of raiders not being able to decide on their own or in special cases such as a legendary the officers will have the final say.

Our goal is to have a quality group of raiders that genuinely enjoy playing with each other. While tensions may rise at times we always want to come back to a place where there is no long-lasting animosity amongst our members. We have chosen a more casual raid schedule of only 2 nights a week, which makes it even more important that we do not squander the little time we do spend raiding as our aim is still to progress at a high rate of speed.

High Caliber is a 10 man guild created on May 31, 2011 on US-Darkspear server. Eventually the guild scattered in various directions while most of us kept in touch. High Caliber was brought back on US-Korgath on June 19, 2012 with the intention of being a casual (yet still quality) 10 man raiding guild. Our leadership comes from a background of being in top World and US guilds at multiple points in the history of the game.

Currently Recruiting:

  • Disc Priest
  • Ele Shaman

The ability to play an offspec, even if not currently geared for it, is a huge plus in a 10 man guild. If your class/spec is not one listed here please still feel free to apply if you think you are a highly skilled raider.
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08/30 - Updated currently recruiting.

- At this time we are taking applications for a Rogue, a DPS Monk re-roll, and a Hunter.
09/02 - Updated "Currently Recruiting"

- At this time we are taking applications for a melee DPS (Prefer a Warrior but still taking applications for Ret Paladins, Enhance Shamans, and Feral Druids). We are also taking applications for Rogues, Hunters, and a DPS Monk re-roll.

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