[A] High Caliber (2 night 10 man) (13/13H)

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Looking for:
Prot Paladin/Prot Warrior
Ele Shaman
Plate DPS w/Tank OS
Looking for tank or plate dps
Oh. Hello dere. I am interested
Bump for 13/13H on a legit 2 night schedule, looking for 1 dps/tank combo for next tier.
Currently recruiting 1 non-DK tank for next tier.
I want to join pls.

**We have only raided a 3rd night once in MoP and it was an optional raid with a pug in it even that lasted 2.5 hours**

That must have been a baller pug, I think you killed a progression boss.
Still looking mainly for 1 Ele Shaman who puts up major numbers.

Also taking applications for the following:
  • Non DK Tank
  • Feral Druid
  • Rogue
  • DPS Shaman
  • Arms Warrior
  • DPS DK
  • DPS Monk
Only looking for a Disc Priest and Ele Shaman at this point.
We are recruiting a Hunter, S-Priest, and any non-priest healer. Thanks!
Do you guys accept casuals? I'm looking for a nice sized active guild to do things with, but I also have heroic raiding experience if you ever felt the need to bring a fury warrior to any raid.
Do you guys accept casuals?

Doesnt Jaeriko being in guild answer that?

jay kay jko.

<3 GL with your recruitment.
carry me pls

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