(A) 5/16 Centurion Knights~Frostmourne 25 man

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Centurion Knights Is recruiting for MoP. 5/16. We are open to all classes and roles. However we have a particular need for range / casters. Centurion Knights is one of the few remaining 25man PvE raiding guilds on the Oceanic PvP server Frostmourne. We were established in January 2007, and since then our stable leadership group and dedicated, team oriented raiders have marched Centurion Knights into it's fourth consecutive expansion, with over half a decade of raiding to our name.

Centurion Knights provides a mature and professional environment with which to play and raid progression content. We are structured around our charter and all decisions are based around the ethos spelled out within. Respect for each other and the wider WoW community is paramount.

Our raids are run following our Golden Rule of “making sure a raider’s time is never wasted”, which ensures a professional culture exists while raiding. We understand that teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success. For this reason our guild is structured to encourage individual commitment to a group effort, and to assist our raiders wherever possible so that the team may benefit as a whole.

The officers of Centurion Knights will review respectable applications that are submitted formally through our website. Below is a list of expectations that serve as a minimal standard for applicants.


    First rate knowledge of your class, with optimal professions, gemming, enchanting and off-spec.
    Maturity, punctuality and availability.
    A willingness to analyse logs to attain peak performance, and to make team focused decisions at your own expense.
    Ventrilo with microphone.

Raid times are Wed / Thurs / Sunday 8.30 - 11.30

Those wanting to raid should visit our website and fill out an application or contact Sleepy or Palmacarn in game. www.centurionknights.guildomatic.com

We also welcome casual members who want to play the game in a mature and friendly atmosphere.

If you have any questions please leave a post here or send a private message or in-game mail to either Twoeagles, Palmacarn or Aramae
still looking
Edited to include raid times
Still looking for a few more. Especially ealers and ranged
ealers Eags? "h" needed.

I would think we would be more interested in healers = ) but whatever, you're the boss.
looking for pro healers!

*looks at merlinme*
hi guys u wouldnt happen to be recruiting a warrior would u ,id be happy to play any spec ,ive got a hell of alot of raid xp so if ur interested let me know ,willing to transfer
08/31/2012 06:29 PMPosted by Sthel
hi guys u wouldnt happen to be recruiting a warrior would u ,id be happy to play any spec ,ive got a hell of alot of raid xp so if ur interested let me know ,willing to transfer

We are recruiting all classes and roles for MOP. I would definitely apply at http://centurionknights.guildomatic.com We are always looking for quality raiders regardless of spec or role. Cheers!
Be part of a long standing mature guild! app today!
Go on do it. You know you want to
Bears are OP, just saying
And furry
Still looking for more

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