Help me choose a RP server please!

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Looking for a new server and stumbled upon opinion that RP servers have the best communities, and thought - why not? That should be fun! Narrowed my search to 4 most active servers: Moon Guard, Emerald Dream, Wyrmest Accord, and Cenarion Circle. I'm definitely going to create a lvl 1 on all of them to see whats going on, but that probably will not be enough to get a full picture.
Have you played on these servers? Whats your impression? What communities are like? How are the servers different from one another? What sides are active there? How's economy? Any info:))
Your input is greatly appreciated!

About me. Got a slight preference for the horde (dark side has a better gym), but will go with a better community regardless. Not too much into small scale PvP, however I love massive PvP events where I could stand behind and heal the hell out of the group. Coming from a PvP server full of jerks and in a desperate need of a new friendly home.
I play on Moon Guard, and honestly I've been constantly impressed with the community Hordeside. Granted I don't really RP outside of Orgrimmar except for events and such, but overall it's always been a fun and positive experience for me, and for the most part doing game-related things I rarely come across people who are otherwise unsavory. I know they're there, though, you can see them any time you turn on the trade chat, but they're off in their own little worlds and don't seem to bother people too much.

We have huge server-wide RP-PvP events, one three-day event coming up with lots of RP events scheduled to preceed it, surrounding the upcoming Theramore thingy. A whole bunch of guilds from both the Alliance and Horde are gathering for a massive offensive in Duskwallow which will ultimately lead to Theramore's downfall when the patch hits next week.

I'm not sure about the Alliance side but we have a lot of RP-PvP guilds Hordeside, if that kind of thing interests you.
Well, my opinion is for Cenarion Circle, though the Allie side is really more active, you will find a lot of folks who do both sides. It really depends on what you want to do. Are you into rp or do you just want a less volatile pvp environment?

I have characters on Moonguard and I like it, but I find the rp to be very busy and sometimes confusing. Also there are a lot of erpers there and they tend to give the server a bad name, but they mainly stay in Goldshire.

I have a full stable in Wyrmrest as well, and I find it good both sides, but kind of cliquey. If you do not fit in with a certain group they tend to be a little snooty.

In general I find Cenarion Circle to be the friendliest server on both sides.
I love Cenarion Circle I have a wonderful guild that is great fun and we are growing slowly as people find out how much fun we are. Sorry I have to give us a plug. Even if you are an inexperienced rper we will help you learn.

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