(H) <Encore> Selling 8/8 HM + Mount

<Encore> Selling 8/8 Heroic Clear + Loot + Mount for 140,000g. Discounts apply to 5/8 HM + players. (As we feel it is less of a carry)
We require a 20% deposit to reserve your slot (the other 80% will be paid before Morchok is pulled)

If you simply just want Madness + Mount we can probably work something out as well tho a full clear/loot/mount sale is preferred.

Discounts: If you are 5/8 HM you will get a 10,000g discount = 130k
If you are 6/8 HM you will get a 20,000g discount = 120k
If you are 7/8 HM or 8/8 HM you will get a 40,000g discount = 100k

All of these discounts apply to our package deal which includes: Full Clear 8/8 HM + Loot + Mount

Runs take place every Friday at 10 PM server time. (We are currently booked this Friday the 24th of August)

Reserve your slot today before MoP comes out in a month!

Contact Info: Whisper/Mail Sting or Puni in game or reply to thread for questions
Free bump!
i got the devil me, mom!
<3 Belial
^ LF a buyer for Friday the 31st! Get your mount before 1% drop rate in MoP!

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