Best realm for storyline RPs?

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I have played Moon Guard and currently, Wyrmrest Accord. Most RP I see and do is meet-and-greet/walk-up... and generally, it's a one time thing. Guilds I've gotten into weren't as active as they claimed, and the RP guilds I'm interested in, are mostly +18 because people seem to hold things against that 12 year old troll that ran around.[I'm aware of the scorn you can probably feel there.]
Anyway... I just want to know everyone's opinion for what they believe has the best storyline guilds/RPs. If it is in fact MG or WrA, then I'm not looking hard enough I suppose. I've been really trying to get back into RP but just doing random sh*t is boring for me. I like to immerse myself, and I honestly find that hard to do when all that I can do is go to the local tavern and HOPE someone talks to, or replies to me.

Horde or Alliance, I don't mind. I'm 50 / 50. I like the Srs bsns RPers.. that are literate and pretty into it.
I would go ask around Cenarion Circle. I'm not sure how active RP is these days - I haven't played there for a long time and I know it's not quite as RP heavy as it once was - but it was an AMAZING server when I was on it. MUCH LESS ERP stuff than MG and WRA, with most of the guilds I knew allowing for younger RPers.
You can checkout Earthen Ring's RP community as well as our storyline forums at:
Your best bet is Cenarion Circle Alliance side. Make a character and go into the local rp chat channel and announce you are looking for a good rp guild to get immersed in. To find all that info just go to the CC realm forum and state your interest.
Yeah.. I've been looking through some RP Server's Forums and thus far, CC has been the one that's caught my eye the most. The fact that it's not as popular as MG and WrA is actually refreshing.
08/22/2012 11:58 AMPosted by Jensën
12 year old troll

Please note that most of my kind is a bit, you could say, "Unhinged".

What I keep in mind when making characters is what guilds are out there. I usually see alot of people from different RP oriented guilds doing random walkups in places such as the Blue Recluse and the Wyvern's tail. Some also browse the W.E.T or their respective realm forums.

If you can explain to them that certain individuals will be wired and immature half of the time and others will be less of that, you should be good. Most sensible people don't start RP guilds without a good amount of optimism, if my view of it is anything related to the real thing.

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