WTB TCG Pets,Items, & Mounts!!

WTB TCG pets, items, and mounts. Not interested in transferring so you'd have to come to Proudmoore. Only paying with gold! I'm also willing to work out trades involving mounts/Shadowmourne box items/etc. Don't bother messaging me if you're looking for cash, RS gold or any other random crap!

Pets and misc loot items are mostly bind on redemption so we'd have to work out work out a way to make payment. I'd be willing to go first if you have some vouches on the forums of being a legit TCG seller. Otherwise you'd have to go first. I've been buying/selling TCG items myself for awhile and can provide vouches!

Mounts are all Bind on Use so there will be no issues there with doing a direct trade via trade window. IE, you put the mount in the trade window, I put in gold and we both hit trade!

Hit me up in game and we can work out a fair price if you have any of the above items or any other TCG loot cards!

I'm particularly interested in the following items and pets:

Misc Loot:
Ethereal Portal Murloc Costume Fishing Chair
The Flag of Ownership Ogre Pinata

Banana Charm Spectral Tiger Cub Tuskarr Kite
Rocket Chicken Dragon Kite Murky's Little Soulstone

Willing to buy any TCG mount for a decent price. Not after any particular one at this time.
Still looking for all the above. Easy gold if you're looking for a way to stock up before the launch of Mists!

Currently have about a million gold liquid to purchase all kinds of stuff!
Bumpity bump! Looking for TCG loot. Not so interested in mounts atm but willing to listen to any offers you got!
I've got a few items stashed away, I'll have to see what the going rates are these days
Fantastic! Contact me in-game.
Still looking for TCG items!

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