The "WoW" period of time coming to an end?

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Sargeras may be extremely powerful, but he sure seems stupid. Kil'jaeden really seems like the brains of that outfit.
Don't forget, other than storylines on Azeroth itself, we have no idea how many planets are out there and it's been hinted at that the Old Gods don't exist only on Azeroth..... so we may have to tangle with Old God planets (if any of the Azeroth Old Gods could muster up the power to send their whispers into the Twisting Nether, it could attract unwanted attention from other Old Gods), Burning Legion planets (they could open a portal from another planet, other than Draenor, to try to attack us), and Titan planets (that may want to get Azeroth "back to the plan").

And of course, we still know almost nothing about the Void except that Voidwalkers are not part of the Burning Legion, but associate with pretty much every evil faction we've seen thus far.
No king rules forever my fellows
All the way back, long before the all-mighty source of all Warcraft lore that was Warcraft 3 (and we know that means there were two whole games beforehand right?) Metzen and his people created a wonderful little story device called the Dark Portal that leaves this beautifully open ended ability to just send us to a new world everytime ours gets stale. WoW dies when the cost to keep it running exceeds the profits gained by creating new content. That is all.

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