Get that Achievement XI

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Wow - I finally finished all the Hemet Nesingwary quest lines... Had to do Bwemba too because Stranglethorn was phased out for me. But it's done!!!

Cahones... 6 more Tol Barad Victories gets you Tol Barad Veteran AND Master of Tol Barad! Go get that one

Show those little critters you care by /loving the last 3 for [To All The Squirrels Who Cared For Me]
Illandir, I am currently doing this one and it gives me incentive to raise my cooking.

Go crazy and have a banquet that is {Cataclysmically Delicious}
08/24/2012 10:18 AMPosted by Kahnvikt
Traumadoll, you are so close to exalted with [Guardians of Hyjal] it will also give you [20 Exalted reputations]


Taralor, grab a fishing pole and head out to the nearest pool. [The Old Gnome and the Sea] awaits.
Still working on my last two reps, Hydraxian Waterlords and Avenger's of Hyjal but it's gonna take 11 more weeks. So in the meantime requesting reassignment!

Traumadoll, go get [25 Tabards]!
Still working on my last two reps, Hydraxian Waterlords and Avenger's of Hyjal but it's gonna take 11 more weeks. So in the meantime requesting reassignment!

Traumadoll, go get [25 Tabards]!

I'm more than happy to help you with some PvP come MoP, Guildie!!!

And hell, invite me along to Molten Core too. Can we get a Firelands Guild Group to get those last achieves for you?

Either way, we've got mad DPS in the guild so let's get Severed Ties - we just need to run enough Echos to get Silvanas.


And well, I loved some more critters. What next for the first MoPish one? Gives me something to do while I try and make enough money for a Vial of the Sands which I just got.
Haven't played this thread game in a bit!

No one to really do group oriented stuff with so if possible no PVP or Raid/Dungeons I can't do alone. Also my PVP gear just generally sucks. Mount and Pet achievements really drove me insane last time so only point me to them if you want to see my next post in 2 months filled entirely with jibberish.

Well, Feythylan, there's an easy Quest one you can get! [Ready, Set, Goat]! Quick and easy 10 points while you're about your business.
Terajima you can get 1000 conquest points easily by running a few random BG's, even with bad PVP gear.

I don't mind doing PVP achievements but keep in mind I have no pvp gear so nothing too hard. I'd prefer something else if you can think of anything!
You could probably get [Explosive Expert] in Strand of the Ancients without much gear. As long as your team isn't so bad the graveyard gets camped. That's my luck xD

I'd like to request a different achievement. As soon as I can get Conquest points I'll get that one, but for the moment the season is over. Everything has converted to Honor Points with this patch ;~;
How about you work on getting Illustrious Grand Master Archaeologist, and while you're at it, you're close to getting Tragedy in 3 Acts and the Scepter achieve also.

Sorry I forgot about the conquest thing!
[Petting Zoo] completed!

Curvy, are you up for a challenge? Try getting [From Hell's Heart I Stab At Thee]!
[Severed Ties] completed!

Invocation, you should cook more! Try out [Dinner Impossible]!
Ironjaw has been caught!

Unvoiced, why not head back to Ulduar and say hello to our old friend Yogg Saaron. "He's Not Getting Any Older" you know.
Hey Hellcrane, I'm surprised you don't have this one! You should find out how fun it is to [Bounce]! If your progress on your main makes it hard, there's always an alt =3

I got [Illustrious Grand Master Archaeology] in a bit of an underhanded way, but it still counts! Common artifacts only counting for 1 skill up now made chasing digsites agitating. Luckily, I leveled my mage in Archaeology to try and grind the sand vials so I just had to log over to proc the achievement.

I did, however, get [Tragedy in Three Acts] before that. Didn't get the Scepter one though. 2/3 seems a good start.

Since achievements count cross-character now I'm open to some of the easier PVP achievements. Would still prefer to stray from group dependent PVE content like raids and enormous collection achievements (IE Mounts and Pets).
Call me tigger because I like to "Bounce".... completed.

Terajim, with the daily quest limit removed I think going back and revisiting some would make you feel "Justly Rewarded"... only 600g away!
[Resilient Victory] achieved!

Hellcrane, go get [Mine Sweeper]!
H halls of reflection stuff now accounted for thanks to account-wide (no pun intended) achievements. next assignment?

krigelle, join a BH group next time your faction controls it, get the alizabal ach at the very least (if not all three)
ok so im new to this but i would like Sillyhat to try to get [Skills to Pay the Bills] is you would. ty and i will wait for my assignment.
Im also new to this but here goes

Redshaman I have a simple request for you ... do some dallies and get your self [A Simple Re-Quest].
09/04/2012 04:47 PMPosted by Grogis
Im also new to this but here goes

[To All the Squirrels Who Cared for Me] is your new assignment! Time to show some love!

Also "new" to this... haven't been in the rotation for a while. Hit me up! :)
I always have trouble suggesting assignments for people with such high scores already xD Well Zeiana, I guess I could suggest a couple and you could do whichever one fits your fiddle? All of them in Battle for Gilneas! [One Two Three You Don't Know About Me] or maybe you could come [Out of the Fog]? I assume it might be easier to be a [Battle for Gilneas All-Star].

If you're not a fan of PVP feel free to request a new one. I'm not the best at making suggestions.

Anyhow, I was [Justly Rewarded]!

Please don't suggest [The Diplomat] or [Icecrown: The Final Goal] as I'm currently already working on them. Also, please no collecting (IE mounts and pets) achievements or any PVP one that involves a LOT of luck for a healer like me. PVE stuff that requires a group is so-so for me.

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