Get that Achievement XI

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Ryadell, go and get [Temple of the Jade Serpent].
Months and months ago I was assigned to get a Sea Turtle.

Well I just FINALLY got it today, in Pandaria. What an annoying achievement...

Anyway, Adsamazing, you need to get "Finish Them!"
Thortok, go get [Vial of the Sands]
Was assigned Don't Get Cocky Kid quite a long a time ago, finally got around to completing it a month ago.

Mordannik, obtain 600 skill points in a profession.
[Temple of the Jade Serpent] complete!

Illifra, you are a mere three pets away from [He's Mine!]. Why don't you go finish it off?
While I wait for the Dancing Water Skimmer to appear, I would like for another achievement to do while I wait.

Ryadell, I hear there is an Alterac Valley Victory in those mountains.
[Alterac Valley Victory] achieved. Got [Damage Control] while I was at it!

Waterfire, I hear that [Pandaren Cuisine] is particularly delicious!
[It's A Trap!] completed!

Ryadell, go do [Scenaterday]!
Great job Invocation!

But now it is time to learn about Pandaria, read some scrolls, and get exalted with [The Lorewalkers]!
Pandaren Cuisine complete

Wyldclaw, much profit will be yours if you open the Littlest Pet Shop
[The Lorewalkers] done. :)

Waterfire, go get [40 exalted reputations]! Just do whichever you're closest to, you're short of just one!
After a 6 month break.
Invocation : this is a 2 part .
1st Mystically Superior just look at the achieve and do what is required :p (Not really a achv that required alot of work

but for the main one.
Hemet Nesingwary: The Collected Quests
Complete the Green Hills of Stranglethorn, Hills Like White Elekk and Snows of Northrend achievements.
The Green Hills of Stranglethorn Hills Like White Elekk The Snows of Northrend .

that should give you a little something to do.
According to my rather extensive research, [Scenaterday] is currently bugged. It's not awarding credit and no one's been able to get it. I will keep it on my to do list, but until it's fixed, I would like another achieve to focus on. :)

Kòdekkz, go get [Scarlet Halls]. Should be a cakewalk, and it's the last Classic dungeon achieve you need! :)

Go show a Ewe and a Swine how much you /love them for [To All the Squirrels I've Loved Before]!
@ Unvoiced,

Have a few more snack and get [Pandaren Delicacies].
[To All the Squirrels I Loved Before] complete.

Dmiiser, I hear that you can buy some nifty drakes if you get [On the Wings of Nether].
Ryadell, you'll never be on your own again if you help in [Building a Team]. Only one more friend to go!
[Scarlet Halls] completed along with a additiional [Heroic : Scarlet Halls]

Acrecia - Books are very good to keep up with the lore . Go get the rest of [Well Read]
[Building a Team] complete.

Kòdekkz, I'm in the mood for some tea. Why don't you go find four more tea sets for [Collector: Pandaren Tea Sets] and then we can sit down and enjoy a cuppa?
Ryadell, why don't you go and catch some more pets for Lil' Game Hunter!

Juicy prize for some real lickin'!

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