character bug on site and mobile armory

Website Bug Report
I have a character that still shows up on the armor and my character list on both web site and mobile armory. This character has been deleted for months now. I just recently tried to recreat him to try and get it to update but it did not, even got him a level higher but it just created a duplicate one on armory with everything the same as the one that was deleted months ago. The duplicate only shows when search for the character on the armory, only shows one on my character lists.
After deleting the newer created charater that I got 1 level higher, it removed him from armory but not the original one, that charater is still shown on the armory and on my charater lists but does not even exist. That character is Noimfurious a level 55 human death knight that used to be on exodar till was deleted months ago. Link to the armory page for the character is

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