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To apply: http://www.sargeras.org

Progression - 2/6 normal 10-man | 0/6 10-man heroic (10/31/2012)

You must register on the forums to apply with us, please read the post in it's entirety before applying.

Recuitment status-

read our FAQ ON OUR WEBSITE for complete raiding details

We are currently looking for backups and ground members for a 2nd 10-Man raid group. A raid leader position is available for team 2. Raid times are Tuesday and Thursday 8PM-11PM Server time (invites start 15 minutes before and disband 15 after), with an optional Sunday (if voted on by the Raid team) for finishing up a boss.

  • SoS was formed with sights on being a friendly, fun, drama free, casual, and loot issue free, raiding guild. Our goals are to see all the game has to offer in the guild, as a guild, for the guild without interfering with our members real life obligations. SoS members are respectful and have great integrity. Most importantly, SoS members are not stressed out, they relax and have fun while playing.
  • We feel very strongly about being a close knit group of people. Joining JUST to raid and get purples isn't what kind of member we are looking for. We want community leaders, members and social guildies. Any hints of this in an application will cause us to not accept your application. Bare minimum apps are generally turned down as well.
  • We strive to be helpful to our members. It, however, isn't our job to do quests for you. Any hint of expectation that guildies are to drop what they are doing the minute someone begs for help will surely cause their app to be denied. Spamming for help or getting pissy because that 85 won't walk you through SFK won't be tolerated.
  • We realize this recruiting process is intensive especially compared to other guilds on Proudmoore, but we are making sure that individual's personalities will fit in with the overall vibe of Shards Of Sargeras. Our longevity as a guild is paramount. It's the GM's and officers responsibility to see this trend continue with making sure all new applicants will benefit the guild as much as the guild will benefit the new applicants.
  • Thank you for your interest in joining our guild, we wish you the best of luck.

Note: While we will always accept applications for review, recruiting or not, we frown upon accepting a new member directly from another guild. If you are currently in a guild there will be a 1 day waiting period after acceptance and /gquit before we will offer you an invite upon acceptance.

Added info:
The guild charter was originally created, horde side on the Misha realm on Sep 1, 2011 with the guild name "Relax". We became a guild on Sep 1, 2011. The guild was transferred after failing recruitment on Misha to Aggramar and changed to Alliance on Nov 19, 2011, retaining the original name "Relax". The guild was again transferred, on May 31, 2012 to the Proudmoore server where we changed our guild name to "Shards Of Sargeras".

Lore information regarding our name:

People often ask me why Shards of Sargeras?

My original idea was Crusaders Of Sargeras. A name I gave to a guild on the Farstriders server that I was not in the leadership of. That guild went defunct rather quickly due to inept leadership and a lack of respect to it's guild members. It left some what of a sour taste in my mouth. Even with this I was set on Crusaders Of Sargeras until my co-gm and I started talking.

The Crusaders Of Sargeras idea was a simple one: It's possible that before Brann finding out about the titans, someone could have discovered them and tried to do good in Sargeras' name when he was good. Just because Sargeras fell, doesn't mean his followers would have stopped doing good. Hence the name. ( yes I am aware of the "lore break" as I said it's an idea, something I came up with and is not meant to follow any lore to the letter )

Sargeras' story is pretty simple, big guy, ultimate power, titan, goes bad. He wielded the most powerful weapon in the universe. When he went from good to bad his weapon became self aware and in defense of his treachery shattered itself. This is where the idea of the shards came in.

His champions still doing good would have been scattered because of his change and that's where we come in. The Shards Of Sargeras still flourish and still do good in the name of the pantheon's champion of order, Sargeras, The Chaoseater.
We are now recruiting for our core raiding team.

Please contact me via in game mail or apply on our website which has our current recruitment needs for our raid teams.
What days do you raid?
09/12/2012 03:25 PMPosted by Vashe
What days do you raid?

Tuesday and Thursday are the MoP scheduled days, 8pm server to 11pm server time ( PST or Pacific )
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Great guild with fun to be with guildies.

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Apparently Ripcords has a carry service!!!! That means you should join for a discount?? ;)
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Apparently Ripcords has a carry service!!!! That means you should join for a discount?? ;)


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Hello! What was your progression for DS, and what kind of progression do you plan to have for MOP? (Some guilds want to be server first, some want to clear heroic, some want to clear normal, some are happy just to kill stuff -- just trying to get a feel)
09/21/2012 09:57 PMPosted by Mineta
Hello! What was your progression for DS, and what kind of progression do you plan to have for MOP? (Some guilds want to be server first, some want to clear heroic, some want to clear normal, some are happy just to kill stuff -- just trying to get a feel)

We did not raid as a guild in Dragon Soul, our goals as a guild are indicated on our faq on our site.

taken from our FAQ on the site :

What are the guilds long term goals?
As a guild leader I try to set and achieve different guild goals. Some of these are listed below.
Be open to constructive feedback and suggestions on how to improve the guild as a whole.
Encourage all members to contribute to the guild. Give guild members outlets aside from daily "routine" logins. Things such as events, services and general help.
Encourage team play by promoting individual as well as team oriented help.
Encourage pvp as well as pve related events.
Encourage the growth of our guild bank through donations and use.
Encourage everyone to have team spirit and be a team player by providing the example for both.
See all the game has to offer. We track this by in game achievements. The biggest in game primary goal of SoS is to accomplish and see every guild and character achievement possible.
Our biggest long term goal - Be the best raiding, and casual social guild in our battlegroup, region, country, and the world.
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