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We are currently looking for a healer for 10-Man raid group. Raid times are Tuesday and Thursday 8PM-11PM Server time (invites start 15 minutes before and disband 15 after), with an optional Sunday (if voted on by the Raid team) for finishing up a boss. If you are interested in joining please go to the website www.sargeras.org and read the FAQ. If we seem like a match for you then you have to register to the website and fill out an application with us. We run everything through our site, raid signups, and all that good stuff so this is a must. If you have any further questions do not hesitate to send me a whisper in game, I'll answer what I can for you.

Have a good one Proudmoore!

*Note* We aren't only recruiting a healer, you can join our guild for the fun times and just to be part of a good, mature, and respectful guild (cliche guild recruitment message inserted here). Just fill out the FAQ! The healer is just what we need for our raid group.
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