Silverpine Forest Issues [Loremaster]

I'm working on completing quests for Loremaster, and the only area I have left is Silverpine Forest. I'm currently 16/55 quests and cannot find ANY available quests. I downloaded an add-on (Quest Completionist), but the quest hubs it shows don't offer me any quests. I've also done some extensive Googling as well as asked fellow guildmates, and we can't figure anything out.

The following is a list of quests I have completed according to QC (I completed these ages ago, so I don't remember where/with whom I left off):

- Warchief's Command: Silverpine Forest!
- Agony Abounds
- Belmont's Report
- Dangerous Intentions
- Guts and Gore
- Iterating Upon Success
- The Gilneas Liberation Front
- The Warchief Cometh
- Waiting to Exsanguinate
- Give 'em Hell!
- It's Only Poisonous if You Ingest It
- Lost in the Darkness
- Playing Dirty
- Skitterweb Menace
- Steel Thunder
- The Warchief's Fleet

I opened a ticket, but the past few responses I've gotten to open tickets have been a copy-and-paste, "Hey, Google it, you dummy!" type reply, so I'm not particularly optimistic.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I've been slaving over Loremaster, trying to finish it up before MoP, and this has me banging my head against my desk. -____-
Did the zone on my BE when cata came out mostly for the UC rep and I don't recall any issues. Came in from Tisifal and just moved down the road through Silverpine. 1st was that homestead on the rightside I think then the horde staging area then up to the town that I couldn't spell right if I tried. From there it should send you to the farm across the road and to the isle then to Amber Mill then the whole attack on Gilneas. I'm not sure but those quests inside Gilneas might count as Silverpine quests since Gilneas isn't a quest zone of it's own per-se besides the puppy starting quests and the Horde/UC attack on it from Silverpine.
Thanks for the post and suggestions, Nyssa. I've literally flown over the entire map of Silverpine trying to find quests, to no avail. Heh. I checked the Pyrewood Village area down at the bottom of the map too. Nothing. The Forsaken High Command is the area to the top right that you're referencing, and I checked there. Sylvanas is hanging out there, but no quests available. I also checked the other major hubs (including the Sepulcher); again, nothing.

I also, for shiggles, tried resetting my UI because I saw someone suggest that elsewhere. That didn't help either, of course.

At my wits end! Of course the LAST area I need for Loremaster would give me problems! :P
I could get unlazy tomorrow and log onto my widdle BE on another server and see about running through Silverpine. It's like level 20ish(stoped playing it after it fishined the BE starter stuff). Should be able to see what starts where with that and get back to ya here....if you can wait like 9 hours for sleep and for me to do stuff in the morning that is.
Found your missing quest stuff.

After killing the spiders for "Skitterweb Menace", there should have been a pop up along the side of the screen to turn it in and another quest to go into the cave/mine right there and kill the spider matriarch for a quest called "Deeper into Darkness". Since the Orc sailors you saved are or should still be following you, I assume this might be a needed quest before moving onto what's below.


The orc sailor next to the orc Captian looking through the spy glass in the Forsaken Rear Guard gives you a quest called "Orc are in Order" which gives you a note to take back to Sylvanas at the High Command. Turn that in and she gives youa quest called "Raise Forsaken" which is take a Val'kyr to Fenris Isle and kill 15 humans and turn them into Forsaken which then gives a quest called "No Escape" to enter and just get tot he top floor of the fort there. The Val'kyr will fly you back to the High Command and turn that in for a quest called "Lordaeron" in which you and Sylvanas ride off to The Sepulcher in a cutscene(which is funny as Sylvanas is riding along, telling the tell of how she became the Banshee Queen and now and then will blast Worgen fighting along the side of the road.

Even at lvl 22 I had to turn on low level quests on the minimap and I also did not see "Waiting to Exsanguinate". Where was that? =/

Fun part about getting on that widdle BE was I have not logged onto it since before Cata it seems. Still had a quiver of 6k+ arrows and had Aspect of the Cheetah on despite being lvl 22 and you now get Aspect at lvl 24.
I have had the EXACT same problem, tried every addon, tried going back through every single zone and doing every single last quest possible(hoping it would open a new chain or something) and nothing has worked. I also opened a ticket, and got the "Google it dummy" response. I can't figure it out, it's the very last zone before I get the Loremaster achievement and the only available quests are for dungeons and dailies.
They tell you to "Google it, dummy" because things like that aren't their job. If you can find a specific quest that you haven't actually done and can't start, they could help with that. But they aren't going to do something that you could easily do, like going to Wowhead and looking up your character's quests like so:

or for the OP:
The suggestions to "Google it" have led me here and after reading a few posts I found something. A bit of background: this is the first time I've ever played WoW so forgive me for anything I might reference improperly.

I was stuck at 16 out of 55 quests completed. I went back to the Skittering Dark near the Forsaken Rear Guard because of a mention of "the Orc with the spyglass" and there still wasn't a quest there. I went into the cave itself, headed all the way to the back, and got a pop-up quest to kill the matriarch.

I had completely forgotten that back when I was a lower level I had tried to kill her but I could not aggro her down from the ceiling and abandoned the quest. Now that I have Storm Bolt I was able to get her, turned in the quest, and am currently doing more and more Silverpine Forest quests.

If this suggestion doesn't do the trick, I'm not sure what else to recommend. Hopefully some of the other suggestions above have led you in the right direction.

P.S. Nyssa, you are completely correct, that cut-scene with intermittent murder was entertaining.

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