<Furious Legion> (8/8HM) is recruiting!

Area 52
<Furious Legion> is a 10 man Raiding guild focused on Hard Mode Progression. We are currently solidifing our progression team in preperation for the release of MoP. We are also always searching for backups and casuals to grow our guild!

Currently Recruiting:

Blood Death Knight (403+ iLevel & 8/8HM exp - May vary if skilled/appropriate knowledge)

What we expect of our raiders:

    Show up 15 minutes before raid
    Be repaired/flasked/and self buffed at all times
    Class and spec knowledge for your main toon at all times including new changes/updates
    Fight knowledge from videos and detailed strats available across the internet.

What raiders can expect of us:

    Fair leadership, and clear and concise explanations of rules and guild direction
    Guild repairs, and assistance with enchants, gemming etc.
    Clear defined strategies for fights
    Proper raid compositionConsistent raid times/dates and backups when scheduling conflicts occur

If you believe you've got what it takes to be a part of Furious Legion, and are willing to put forth the required effort when asked, then please visit our website at www.furiouslegion.com or see Crimsonlyger in game.

Guild Progression

DS: 8/8 Normal 8/8HM
Firelands: 3/7 HM pre nerf
4.1: 4/4 BoT, 6/6 BWD, 2/2 ToTFW, including numerous hard mode clears.

Raid times are currently:

Tues 8:00pm-11:30pm Server
Weds 8:00pm-11:30pm Server.
Bumping this thread. Though the position of Blood DK has been filled, others are still encouraged to check us out, of all classes and specs.

We are especially looking for a priest/pally healer for our main team, as our current healer just got a super promotion at his company, including a move and not being available come raid time. Must be proficient at all healing specs(especially disc, if priest) and similar experience/gear as specified above.

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