<Renewed by Fire>(lvl 25)H 4/8H is recruiting

Realm: Hyjal
Faction: Horde

Guild name: Renewed by Fire
Guild leader: Cavina
Guild officers: Gormosh,Manuval,Taurenapart

Raiding style: Casual/Serious 10 man
Raid times: 7pm - 10:30pm pst Mon,Tues,Wed, and Sat.

4/8 H DS

Renewed by Fire is currently recruiting [CORE GROUP]:
2 Tanks (pally, dk or druid preferably with an OS)
1 Healer (a DPS OS preferred)

[Second Group]: This group is currently running Saturdays and Mondays 7-10:30PM server
1 Tank
2 Healers

We are also willing to take in all classes and levels for MoP. We are a newly transferred guild so looking to rebuild our numbers. Our primary focus for our main group is progression oriented raiding. We take this seriously and are looking for a good solid group for the upcoming expansion. If you are an experienced tank or healer looking for a permanent raid spot this may be the guild for you :).

-----Two week trial period (during which raid attendance must be 100% for a guaranteed
--------We welcome more people to join as we would like to have backup raiders in case
life gets in the way.
------------Anyone that does not meet these requirements are still encouraged to contact us
about standby spots and group 2 spots.
------------------Gear is not an issue as we do alt runs as well as clear before reset! Gearing
your character and putting in the effort to enhance your raiding skills will get
you far in this guild! Being permitted to heroic modes,however,will be based on your ability to perform in raids as well as your gear.

For more information or trial spot please contact via Whisper or In-Game Letter:
-OR leave comment on this thread
----Thread and In-Game Letter Requirements: Character name, Class/Spec, Character link, Encounter experience (does matter if boss was killed or not only that you learned the fight).
-------If responding via In-Game Letter please title it: "RAID SPOT APPLICATION"
---------All applicants will be noted and should look for a response within 3 days at most.

Applicants must be active players that are able to show up to all progression nights. We fully understand that life gets in the way and sometimes people are unable to show, if this is so you are encouraged to let the RL know, via whisper, letter, telephone, etc. If your schedule only allows you to attend 2/3 nights you are not disqualified let us know and are willing to work something out. However, people who do their jobs efficiently and have 100% attendance for raids will have a spot.

-Must be able to take constructive criticism
-Must be knowledgeable of your class inside and out or willing to become knowledgable
-Must be knowledgeable of all encounters in the current expansion or be willing to learn them
-Must remain up to date on any and all changes made to your class as well as the game
-Must have BIS gems and enchants available or be willing to make the needed changes.
-Must have vent, preferably a working mic, and not afraid to speak over vent when needed without interrupting the officers.
-Must be willing to step out for a class/person better suited for the encounter to step in.
-Must be able to be mature and understandable about loot rules.
-18+ preferred

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