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About a year ago i started up a guild with my main Gardon. The Legion of Darkness. I started recruiting and built it up to level 3 with about 100 people. unfortunately i wasnt able to play alot with work so the guild fell apart. Now I want to build it up again. with a new work schedule and the help of a few friends i know we can build this guild up and keep it running! i just need more people to join it. That is why i am creating this forum, to advertise my guild. <The Legion of Darkness> is a casual guild that is looking for players of all classes/lvls/experience to come grow and have alot of fun doing so! Anyone and everyone are welcome! all toons welcome also. if you or anyone you know might be interrested reply to this post, add and pst Gardon or gramu or add my battletag KoSwag143#1344 thanks in advance for your time and considerration! :D

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