Looking for a /wave!

If there is anyone that has Horde and Ally toons on Thrall and doing the Molten Front dailies, I'd happily pay for a /wave to Thassarian. I've exhausted trade chat spamming and my guild/friends list. If anyone there can help me, just send me a message and I'll give you my REAL ID and happily pay for a /wave.

Thanks in advance to any who can/will help. :D

Also, you could message Zangrul. He's my main, but I'm looking for the title on this toon.
I'm ussually out there around 9pm server at night, send me your realid, I'll let you know if I have that sneaky DK
It's Anthony1448@yahoo.com. And thanks! I'll be sure to be on at that time
Didn't have him today, added you on realid

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