Glyph of healing storm

Was wondering what fellow shaman thought about, doing some duels it looks like with buffs poped and a little bit of luck its basically a retarded WoG crit.
what is WoG? sorry.
i think its pretty good though. im currently using it and it seems effective. not sure though.
its amazing being enhance and using Glyph of healing storm+ Healing rain for raid heals or Glyph of healing storm+ healing surge on self of a focus macro to help healers on tank over 100k crits AS ENHANCE!
100k healing crits in bgs feel nice.
I love it stacked with glyph of healing storm and echo of the elements, its pretty op. Instant 90k double heal. That's enough for me.
it wont double 90k the first cast is improved by the glyph the EoE proc wont be improved so it will be like 100k crit and a 35-45k heals if they both crit
I was using Healing Storm in a raid group tonight, just messing around with it in PvE to see what it was like. I won't win any awards for healing, but I was doing around half the heals of our highest healer. I think it's an interesting way to go in certain fights were a little extra healing could be useful, but adding an entire healer would be detrimental to the raid's DPS.
So my question is if i have a 5 stack and cast healing rain does it increase the healing of the whole duration of healing rain or just the first tick since after the first tick the buff is consumed

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