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I've been having the same issue. I am on a home network, unfortunately due to Verizon employee mistake we are routed through Kansas even though we live in TX. Needless to say my internet is excruciatingly slow.

I grew impatient with launcher.exe and snooped around.

1. Go to containing folder (wherever your wow.exe is)
2. There should be a Temp folder
3. Inside is WoW-4.3-5.0.15890-enUS-Downloader, open this directly
4. It will download for a few minutes, then a popup will say 'Could not connect to tracker!'
5. DONT TOUCH IT. If you watch, the download will continue anyway.
6. The download window will close itself, the popup will remain. LEAVE IT. Go smoke, whatever. The d/l still continues!
7. After a reasonable amount of time, click OK and open WoW-4.3-5.0.15890-enUS-Downloader again. Notice the amount d/l is still increasing.
8. Run Launcher.exe and enjoy

Sorry for the huge explanation, I'm not very techie. Figured it out by mistake, wanted to share a possible solution for anyone else.

thats from Hexius, an 85 draenei pally, the only alliance toon i have ever liked

also if you get the cannot run required agent try this fix
Dude! Great fix! Thanks, I live in an apartment complex just outside of a major University. We're all on the same network, and I suppose the firewall was blocking the updater. Your little quick-fix solution rocks! I was gonna walk down to a starbucks for this, but I think this will suffice!
man, you need gain a archiev for this post! ;)
Does this work for the error code BLZTS0000F

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