This thread may get out of hand, but...

I was watching a show and the characters within were getting married. As they were saying the vowels, the lady said "..blah blah lawfully wedded husband." I could never actually understand what anyone said while a Priest or w/e said the vowels because CBA to care.

My question is, why is there no religion in a ceremony that is being depicted as religious?

Why is the law concerned? They only need to audit a census for taxes. I has confused.
08/25/2012 02:06 AMPosted by Iöve
As they were saying the vowels,

I lol'd

But I'm pretty sure this was the typical way to do it before they had those laws/amendments (not mixing religon and state) so they are sticking to traditon and most people just perfer it becauses its a more formal way to do things I suppose. /shrug
I use google chrome and it has a spell-checker and I typed that in and it didn't go red, so it didn't cross my mind that I wrote vowels like AEIOU lol
08/25/2012 09:37 AMPosted by Thangrim
odd topic. but yea its alot of throwback and tradition. women have been treated like property in western culture for a long time and wedding ceremony has alot of that still in it. "to honor and obey him" etc etc etc

Treated as property in almost all cultures for most of civilization.


If you choose to marry in a church then there are often requirements to meet and a lot of the ceremony/phrasing is prescribed, but there are plenty of non-traditional and non-religious venues and officiants/celebrants available who will work with the marrying couple to choose exactly what they want the ceremony/vows to contain.

Also Re: OP, marriage is a legal contract, thus the use of "lawful" in some ceremonies. Officiants generally need to be authorized and registered to perform a legally-binding marriage ceremony.

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