Account Bound Argent Tournament Pets

Hey! just a quick question, since the pets are going account bound. I was wondering if I get the pets from the Argent Tournament on my horde will they be on my alliance character or will they just be converted?
My priest has the Argent Tournament pets over on beta that my Alliance toon has.
is your priest horde? and are they pets the alliance has Horde pets?
Will this also apply with mounts as well, i don't mean will i get the argent tourney wolf on my alliance, but will i get the corresponding alliance mount.
Since you can have all the AT pets except for the Sunreaver and Covenant Wyrmlings on both Horde and Allinace, I'm not sure I get where you think there's a problem. The fact that they were BoE was a huge way for people to make money and get more pets, by selling them on the nuetral AH.

Blue sticky post in the General Forum about pets in the patch indicated that faction specific pets such as the Horde/Alliance Balloon would not be able to be summoned by the oppisit faction(Horde player cannot summon an Alliance Balloon). Balloon, AT squire/Gruntling and the Moonkin Hatchling fit this restriction(Moonkin has 2 versions depending on your faction when summoned). They well be on the pet tab in the spellbook but most likely grayed out if you're on a character of the oppisit faction.

The Moonkin Hatchling has me wondering though. There isn't actually 2 different pets for it. It has the same name to a Horde or Alliance character, just a different model when summoned. Will there now be 2 seperate Moonkin Hatchlings in your pet tab after the patch?
08/26/2012 08:15 AMPosted by Nyssa
Will there now be 2 seperate Moonkin Hatchlings in your pet tab after the patch?

Yes. Two Moonkin Hatchlings, and they each have the slightly different skin.
None of the faction specific pets are "converted" or anything like that. You just can't summon it, for instance the Squire/Gruntling or Balloons are in your list but the summon button is grayed out.

The other AT pets just stay the same as they are now.
Faction or class specific mounts don't get "converted" either. If your character can't use it, it doesn't show up in the list. The Argent Charger or Argent Hippogryph can be used by either faction. The city mounts, or Silver Covenant Hippogryph don't.

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