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Wyrmrest Accord
Indeed Ash!

Bump as we're nearing the Theramore patch!!!
Hello, there. This is Gleipnir - the leader of the famous <Wrath of Turalyon> guild on Wyrmrest Accord. Fighting the Horde in any shape or form has been the essence of our being and career as legendary heroes of Azeroth...

Be warned, however. We are exceptionally cruel, for we are old, grizzled veterans tired of fighting but also tired of losing our lands to the ever-increasing, never-learning members of the Horde.
Please welcome <Wrath of Turalyon> to Azeroth's Finest! :D Huzzah!

ICly, my current main isn't big into PVP, but I'm rerolling monk for the xpac and plan on making her very anti-Horde, so she'll fit right in.
<Wrath of Turalyon> is with you to the end. Til the streets run red with Orc blood and Azeroth is safe for its rightful inhabitants.
Great to have you guys and thanks for the support!

Just updated the OP for our first RP event!

EVENT ALERT: Invites has been sent for the "Forming of the Council" event.
In reaction to the destruction of Theramore, Alliance leaders and soldiers meet in the Champion's Hall to discuss measures. [This event will ICily give birth to the Azeroth's Finest Council and the Champion of the Alliance guild!] 8PM Server Time, Wednesday Sept. 19th, Champions Hall in Stormwind, Guild Leaders have been given event moderation privileges.

The Theramore Scenario will be featured that day but Blizz isn't updating the actual city til a future patch. But from what I read, we can regard it ICily come the scenario patch so the event will be held the day after. Hope to see you guys there!
Kudos, sounds like a fun time.
09/10/2012 09:59 AMPosted by Sals
Kudos, sounds like a fun time.

Thanks Sals!

Everyone, welcome <The Sisters of Battle> to the Council!
Bump for tonight's first IC meeting and forming "The Forming of the Council" see OP for more info!
I'd like to post on behalf of my very tiny guild, <Story Teller>. We're recently (as you can probably tell from my not-yet-updated avatar) from Korgath, looking for social RP and guild alliances for both PvE and PvP once Mists comes around. Count us in!
You got it Kementarii!

What an amazing event everyone! Thanks for all those who came and contributed!

Screenshots incoming as soon as they're uploaded!
Thanks again for organizing this, y'all. Very fun!

Order of the Silver Leaf is based out of Northshire where the Lady Silverleaf and her husband currently reside. Their main concern is the people of Northshire (as they are the people the Lady represents on the Council), but they also look to the future and work toward making it a better one for the people.

We're an RP guild and very small, but we are happy to lend a hand to community events, PvP, PvE, ...and whatever else happens to cross our plates.

There is no set leader of the order at the moment. Everyone is considered a "Guardian"--caretakers of the people and the lands of the Alliance. That said, ...

Lady Channon Silverleaf and Lord Cerril Planeswalker are the visible force behind the Order.

Again, thank you. We really are looking forward to working with y'all.
Glad to have you guys on board, Channon!

Everyone welcome <Story Teller> and <Order of the Silver Leaf> to Azeroth's Finest!
bumps from the Horde side!
This is a great idea.

It's like Allianception.

United we stand; separated we fall. I stand proudly back to back or side by side with members of the Council the same as members of my own guild.

/tickle Bimpy
Hooray! Yay for council rp!

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