[A] <Savior> Upcoming Guild Seeking Raiders

We're a group of players from various servers and backgrounds with the intention of forming a semi-hardcore 10-man guild. As of now we're in the process of trying to find an appropriate home for our guild. We have the basis of the guild planned out at this time. This includes: ranks, officers, raid leader, and name. The guild plans to raid as soon as it is created to allow the new members to get used to their new guild before MoP releases.

Our current plan for Cataclysm is to get our guild 8/8 Heroic as well as work on finishing off members' Glory of the Dragon Soul Raider achievement well before September 25th. After MoP releases we will working together as a guild to get all players ready to raid by the second week of MoP in order to compete for a solid place on the server. As stated previously we're in the process of looking of looking for a home, and this means that we're considering multiple servers that will be listed below. You will also find other information below such as guild name, what we need, loot system, etc.

Name: <Savior>

Faction: Alliance

Raid Focus: 10-man Semi-Hardcore

Raid Times:
Any 3 days between: Tuesday-Sunday
Times between 4:30-7:30 PST (West Coast Time)
We will decide the 3 days that best accommodate everyone.

Current Needs:
1 Healer

*Even if your role is not currently listed above, exceptional applicants are encouraged to apply anyway.*

What we are like as a guild and what Savior has to offer:

With a diverse group of players from all around World of Warcraft, Savior gives a unique approach to guild environment. While outside the confines of serious raiding, we're a tight group of friends who enjoy teasing one another and joking around. Being included into this group of friends will happen upon joining. A contrast to our guild environment is our raiding environment. Our raiding environment (while jokes are available on trash and heavily farmed content) is serious. We're a raiding guild looking to place high on the server ranking in terms of progression.

Savior offers a serious and progression-driven raiding environment and team that will strive to down all current heroic content. We provide experienced players from various backgrounds who know their class well and are prepared to do anything it takes to down a boss, as well as providing a guild environment outside of raiding that is hilarious, fun, and enjoyable.

What we expect from you:

We as a guild expect our raiders to be players who:
-Are progression-minded individuals looking to down heroic bosses and have a great time.
-Have a multitude of endgame raiding experience.
-Have at least 5/8 Heroic Dragon Soul experience with attempts on Warmaster Blackhorn.
-Can make raid times consistently.
-Have great listening, learning, and adaptive skills that make a great raider.
-Have good raid awareness.

Loot System: A roll-based system where everyone has an equal chance at gear.

Servers we're currently considering:

-Aerie Peak

Contact Information:

If you are interested in joining <Savior>, please post on your main character in this thread. In addition, please add the BattleTag Shark#1577 tomorrow (BattleTags can be added as an alternate to Real ID come 5.0.4) and we'll talk more. If you do not have a BattleTag, an alternate method of contact can be provided.

Thank you for your interest in <Savior>!
Raid Times:
Any days between: Tuesday-Sunday

To avoid any misunderstanding that should say: "Any 3 days between Tuesday-Sunday (We will decide the 3 days that best accommodate everyone.)".
Updated OP.

Still searching for great players!

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