<Trademarked> 10m - 2/12 H-ToT - LF TANK

Guild: Trademarked
Website: HordeTM.com
12/12 ToT - 2/12 H-ToT

My 10-man Horde raiding guild, Trademarked, is recruiting.

We raid 2 nights a week (Thursday and Sunday) for 3 hours a night (7-10pm PST or 9-midnight CST) which makes a total of 6 hours per week. That's a very light schedule, which requires a very high attendance rate to function. Missing a raid is a Big Deal since we also don't keep any bench raiders or alternates. As such, attendance is the most important thing to us, after performance.

We have incredibly low turnover as a raid/guild. The core of the 10-man has been playing together since BC, with 7-of-10 being members throughout Wrath and Cataclysm. We also play other games together, like Minecraft, Starcraft, Diablo 3, etc.

We're looking for a TANK (non-DK preferred) to join the team. If you're interested, let me know, and we can get you in to one of our raids.

Check our our website or send me a PM (Oktoberfest) if you have any questions or are interested in checking us out. Thanks.
I am interested and wondering if you are looking for someone to raid in MoP with as well & if your raid schedule will change then. Also if so, what are your goals for MoP? Such as realm first, top 5, etc.

Im 8/8hm, didnt get it until 25%. Dont want to make excuses but I took a break from WOW, and when I came back I really couldnt find any good guilds that needed players. I have 405 ilvl, and I also have other geared alts (Blood/frost DK, Disc/shadow Priest, HPally) even though that doesnt matter much with MoP around the corner.

Anyways feel free to just contact me in-game or on here. Thanks.
Gimme :20bux: and I'll transfer my druid. :getin:
Bumping this thread, we are now looking for a warlock.
Bump, now recruiting a MAGE or SHADOW PRIEST as our current mage is quitting the game.
We are still recruiting for this position, however we are now:

16/16 Normal
2/6 MSV Heroic
Let me know if you would like to apply or attend a run to get to know us!
We've tried out a couple of applicants, but we're still looking for the right person for this position. Need a mage or shadow priest that wants a light, but competitive raid schedule and knows their class (read: can do more damage than the tank).
I might be interested check me out

I might be interested check me out


I sent you a PM in-game, let me know if you'd like to come along for a raid.
Kozra quit WoW and never responded to my messages, so we're STILL RECRUITING.
Still looking for a caster DPS, it's only 6 hours/week of raiding, so you can see content on a light schedule!
Still looking for a shadow priest or mage that wants to join!
I might be interested in joining. I just recently returned to the game after moving across the U.S. and basically am a tad behind on gear. I'm around 487 item level, currently playing arcane but will most likely change to fire come 5.2. I want a good group that I can work with to clear Thunder King and focus on progression while having fun!

Just some small background, I've cleared everything on LFR (means nothing). I had cleared full MSV within 2-3 weeks of MSV opening and started working on H MSV, sadly I only got through H Stone Guard before moving. So I haven't cleared anything past the second boss in HOF and none of Toes. I'm a quick learner and can learn all of the fights and consider my gear to par with regular raids.

You can PM me in-game anytime I'm on.
As much as we liked Killjustin, he just got a new job so he can't make our raid times.

STILL NEED A CASTER DPS, would love to get someone geared for patch 5.2. Gear is not as important as experience (in this and other tiers) and the desire to raid!
Still looking for a caster DPS, and even have a spot open for tonight's raid if you'd like to come along! Clearing HoF.

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