<Trademarked> 10m - 2/12 H-ToT - LF TANK

Still looking for an spriest?
I am currently thinking of xfering to this realm. If you are interested in me, pst me at Starryheaven#1422
Updated the OP, we're looking for a TANK to start in the next week or so.
Updated OP. Now looking for a tank (have a temporary tank in the meantime) and a caster DPS (spriest or mage, maybe ele shaman).

We are starting work on heroics, so now is a great time to join if you want to work on progression bosses.
We are still recruiting a caster DPS and a tank. We have a raid on Thursday (6/19) if you want to come give us a try!
I'm interested . I'm a 499 spriest . I can pull good numbers for my gear. I am 3/13 experience on my main. Maybe 4 or 5 this week coming . I'm looking for a group for my spriest . I love playing spriest . I know I'm not as geared as you would like . But I will say this . As a former raid leader . I know how to stay alive and pull the dps I'm allowed. If interested Look me up on ShadowGoon. My BT is goon#2768. Hope to hear from you.
I've added you on Bnet friends.

Hope to talk to you soon, Oktoberfest.
Ilvl 505 spriest with 2/12 exp on this toon and 4/13h exp on main. My BT is aaj25#1631
Updated, recruited Dohpee and HealB, now looking for a healer to join our ranks!
Dohpee and HealB turned out awesome, now we need a tank! Our last tank is moving and needs to take a break from WoW, so we're recruiting a new tank to raid with us throughout Siege of Orgrimmar. We would be happy to bring you along for a ToT run during our raid times to meet the guild!
We are still looking for a new tank, raiding ToT10 tomorrow night!

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