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Are reputations account wide?
So....on my EU client and US client, I logged into all my toons in the same account and the pets/mounts/achievements do not show up for the other licenses. This is very disappointing. I thought they were supposed to shared for the same account?
08/29/2012 09:04 AMPosted by Taladon
So....on my EU client and US client, I logged into all my toons in the same account and the pets/mounts/achievements do not show up for the other licenses. This is very disappointing. I thought they were supposed to shared for the same account?

They are - but only within the same regions. Regions are totally separate on everything, at least at this time - and these changes follow that pattern.
I have been confused a bit also. I really only have pets on this toon. As I logged on to alts, my total pets slowly increased as some were getting duplicated when I really only had one pet of that type. For example, Anacona Chickens. I only had one on Serpens, opened another toon & now had two. Everytime I opened a toon, there were a few extras (I'm not complaining :P). Got to the max and it says, "Cannot have more of that type" and so an extra was not added.

So yes, it looks like you might lose those extras (>3?) if you are not careful.
If pets cannot be traded then I guess it doesn't matter.

Blizzard's post explains all this but it took me a minute to "get it".
I'm a bit anxious about my Argent Pony. I spent time getting the Argent Pony on all my alts, but on the beta I didn't have an Argent Pony. Somebody said it was just a glitch from switching servers, which I hope is true. But now that the patch is out, they changed all the pets and I can't summon my Argent Squire to check. I really really hope I didn't waste all that time getting him just to have him disappear. I don't want to hearth back to SW to go to the bank while I'm in Pandaria; I'm trying to wait until I get to the Vale before I go back, so I hope I can have my Argent Ponies.

Edit: Okay, sorry, I just figured out how to get rid of all those "I's" and summon my pet. Don't ask me how I did it, just desperately clicked everything in sight until they went away. It turns out I do have my Argent Ponies so everything should be great.
I have one account, but Horde on two servers and Alliance on yet another.

The two different factions have vastly different number of pets (55 vs 115)

Is that 'working as intended'?
i have 984 pets on each toon across 2 accounts (1 battle net) I use prob 20 toons off and on sometimes more. Although mostly I use my main, followed by one of each class on my main server, but then on occasion I will play toons on other servers.

So I would need to DELETE 484+ pets on EACH TOON to get below 500 for MoP. I do not wish to have multiples of each pet up to 9 each nor do I wish to lose any individual pets.

Can an Auto deletion of multiples be implemented to delete the auto generated multiples that were created please.

Each time I log onto a toon it increases the pet counter until it hits 9 of each. Currently most toons are at 984 pets each for me.
Warning: if you transfer between accounts EVERY LAST ONE of your pets will be gone.

I just spent $25 to transfer a character to a new battlenet account. ALL THE MOUNTS TRANSFERRED, but all the pets are gone. what's the logical difference between the two exactly?

If Blizzard allows, and always has, character transfer to another account account, making it nice and convenient ( - HOW THE HECK DO YOU EVEN BEGIN TO JUSTIFY STRIPPING every single pet? And why just pets, why not everything else like mounts, achievements, etc?

This is an incredible new development and thank you so much by the way for not mentioning this in the patch notes. Or mentioning it on this transfer page ( damn i feel good now, $25 so well spent.

This will be an issue until Mists releases - on CROSS BATTLE.NET transfers.

You have a couple options. You could contact Billing and ask this be reversed and wait for Mists to release - or wait till release, cage your pets and hand them over.

After release, you'll STILL need to cage your pets to take them with - or hand over, but caging functionality just isn't in yet.
Pardon my ignorance and confusion on this thread. I've never heard of deleting a pet, for one, and wonder how you go about doing that.

Secondly, I don't need more then one particular type of pet on any one of my characters. I don't care if I have 3 or 5 white kittens on a character as long as I have at least one white kitten on all of my Alliance characters. What is this caging of pets you speak of? If I put an extra white kitten from a character in a cage what becomes of it? Can I sell it on the Auction House? I'm using white kitten as an example here, to represent all my pets that would qualify for being transferred to all my characters.
Clicking in your pet list should bring up a little popup menu. If it doesn't - I'd look to resetting your UI.

Anyway, cage is on the list - but it's not yet in.

Putting a pet in a cage will effectively 'crate' it so you can trade it around, sell it, etc. There may be specific limitations on exactly what options you have - on specific pets.

There should also be a release option on that menu. That permanently destroys the pet and removes it from the list. Any common pets you wish to discard duplicates of could be destroyed this way to tidy up a list - or for some, make room. Now, I've not tried the delete option yet myself, I THINK it's functional at the moment. If someone finds that it isn't - please do let us know.
So I have the Traveler's Tundra Mammoth on my druid on Korgath. I got the Mammoth on all my other toons on Korgath but not on any of my toons on Zuluhed.
I have the Drake of the North Wind on my DK on Zuluhed. The drake shows on all my toons on Zuluhed and Korgath.

Any ideas why my Tundra Mammoth doesn't show on my Zuluhed toons? Instead they have a Black War Mammoth...
So I have the Traveler's Tundra Mammoth on my druid on Korgath. I got the Mammoth on all my other toons on Korgath but not on any of my toons on Zuluhed.
I have the Drake of the North Wind on my DK on Zuluhed. The drake shows on all my toons on Zuluhed and Korgath.

Any ideas why my Tundra Mammoth doesn't show on my Zuluhed toons? Instead they have a Black War Mammoth...

are they the same faction? Faction mounts do not carry over.. and the tundra mount, is faction specific.
Thanks for your information on this. Instead of delete the word is "release". Much better to release the pet then deleting it. :) It worked fine. I had close to 300 pets on my main and after releasing all the duplicates I was down to 95 pets.

I also noted that when I was down to one of a type of pet left that the option to "release" was no longer available so hopefully that will keep us from accidentally deleting pets that are one of a kind.
Thank you, Asterides - fixed my post above.
Dear Blizzard

Good job on account wide stuff and things; I am most pleased.
However, there is always a however.

I am interested in some finer detail. This may have already been answered elsewhere but given the specific nature of the query I trust you understand it has proven difficult to find an answer. Particularly as I am a little special sometimes...

In terms of account wide things, I will break this down.

Pets and Mounts (and possibly API?)

In the near future I assume there will be an adaptation of the API (if there hasn't already) to correllate statistics on total mounts and achievements on each account. Previously this was recorded on a character level but this is clearly not quite the case anymore.

There seems to be a 'hidden' value that retains the number of pets and mounts per account in TOTAL then in turn a total ATTRIBUTED/VISIBLE and an ACTUAL/ELIGIBLE number to each unique character. E.g. ATTRIBUTED/VISIBLE is the value listed in-game in the 'Mounts and Pets' window; ELIGIBLE are the ones a specific character can use from that list (a sub-set).

If this is unclear, take tailoring carpets. EMH here can see the carpets but cannot use them as he is not a tailor. No problem there. But the carpets count towards my ATTRIBUTED mount total in the VISIBLE list though do not necessarily count towards the ELIGIBLE/ ultimate TOTALs.

Given my above assumption please can you offer the correct description and explain how this information might be handled and output. Thus I can get a clearer understanding of the ACTUAL totals in question. If this is not currently implemented and working as intended then is there a plan to do so? Otherwise, is this how it is going to be for now?


Achievements are account wide, great. The rules for a lot of them are well defined and I have attempted to understand these rules. I understand how most of these work and have read the posts by your team that explain this. There are however, a small number of achievements that do not appear accounted for entirely, or at least, not fully understood on my part. While I will unfortunately find it difficult to list all of the achievements in question, I can note at least one:

Joy Ride - Ride the full length of the Rocketway in Azshara.

This is an achievement on my Horde toon. It 'awards' ten achievement points - lovely! As described, some achievements only display when they are relevant to a specific character - in this case the achievement is a horde specific achievement and does not appear on my alliance charaters; as expected. Interestingly even having cleared my cache folder, the achievement still lists itself as having been completed by EMH (Alliance) and being incomplete on Yip (Horde). Assuming this is a bug and setting that point aside for the moment.. In cases such as these, does the Joy Ride achievement award me ten points towards my OVERALL TOTAL (which appears consistent accross all toons).

Furthermore, do you intend to clear up the achievement interface for achievements that are 'incomplete' but appear complete. An example of this might be "For the Horde!" where I have the FTA achievement and not the FTH achievement however, when logging into my Horde character, FTH appears completed with unfulfilled criteria? I appreciate this issue is mostly superficial.

In summary I am looking for greater clarity when understanding the totals in question.

Please advise and let me once again thank you for your hard work. I really am enjoying the changes you have made overall. This is just a small area where I seek your clarification.

Many thanks,


Edit: Please note that none of the above is intended to be about faction transferred characters. It is about separate characters levelled; one on horde side, the other alliance.
Mounts are no longer going with characters who faction transfer, which is a HUGE and potentially costly issue for both players and Blizzard.

Before the patch, any mounts a character had on them would be converted to their cross-faction equivalent. Apparently, this is no longer happening.

Either the system needs to be changed to allow faction-changed characters to once again retain their mounts, or the FAQ and patch info needs to be updated before anyone else loses dozens of mounts and wastes $30 on a faction change that they'd never have taken if they knew that they would be losing dozens of mounts. Many raiders and/or hardcore PvPers will have longstanding characters with certain mounts that have factional requirements, and I can guarantee you that they will be incredibly upset upon zoning in and discovering that they've lost their prized mounts.

As a side note, it would bring in quite a bit of revenue if Blizzard enables the ability to faction change a character and thus receive the rest of one's mounts on their opposite faction characters. This especially goes for those of us who have unobtainable or hard-to-grind mounts that have factional requirements.
As it stands (yesterday, when I tested this), you can have more than 3 of the same pet if you (for example) have 5 characters who have each picked up the Westfall Chicken. However, you can't learn new pets to get past that limit. So if you pick up a 6th Westfall Chicken, you can't add it to the journal. If you then delete 3 of them (so now you only have 2 left), you can then learn the final chicken, bringing your total up to 3. Now that you're at the cap, you can't go learn another, ever, without first deleting one.

So yes, you can get past the cap of 3 of each pet, but only if you *previously* had that many.

From my understanding, at some point all the extras will be arbitrarily and permanently deleted. Is there an official word on if or when this will happen? Since we can't cage the extras, we'll have to log on right after the MoP release to cage them then, but how much time will we have before they are lost?
I was wondering if a decsion was made not grant 310 riding from mounting violet proto drake. It transfered to all toons ok but no increase in riding skill. All toons inquestion have
280 prior to patch.

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