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Hey Blue? What about alts who show they need Battle Pet training in the old Spell Book and they cannot train not heal pets at the Stable Masters??? Any fix coming on this soon?
So does Blizzard plan on reimbursing me the 32,500g it cost for my Traveler's Tundra Mammoth and Mekanogear's Chopper? How about the other 32 mounts I'm missing now? Are we being punished for wanting to play with friends?

This is insane. Absolutely horrid decision on Blizzard's part. Fix this.
I agree with the above, it is horrible and illogical.

I am also having this problem of mounts being left on Alliance side when transfering to Horde. I can't understand why blizzard have decided this is a good idea.

If the 100 mount achievement is character specific, then mounts should be character specific, not fraction specific. Assumingly if someone cares enough about their mounts to worry about which character they are on, you can assume that they will be aspiring to the 100 mount achievment and would want the mounts already acquired to accompany that character whichever fraction they choose to play.

I now have to waste THOUSANDS more gold and honor points to reclaim mounts that I have already purchased. This is such a waste of time and resources considering my mount achievement is 97/100 and I've been set back to 45 mounts. Blizzard have refused to compensate or transfer existing mounts claiming that they are still assessable to my alliance characters.
Kyekoala (and all others who are in the same boat) I feel your pain. I myself lost quite a few of my mounts when I transfered, being that I have done it many times over before and they always followed me around.

I agree that if the Mount Achieve is character specific, those mounts should follow your character. Giving access to whatever side they happen to rest upon.

I was caught recently as I said above and have been very frustrated with it... The GM who spoke to me however said they were taking names of all those they happened across, and that the Dev's were looking into it.

No guarentee that anything would happen, no idea on a frame of time, but, I am holding onto a little glimmer of hope that I may see the bike I crafted those years ago back with the one who crafted it.

I do hope everyone has this issue resolved for them, and hope that a good median ground can be found for all.
I accidentally released some valuable pets. I want them back. How do I get them back?
How do I get a Released pet back , some were released instead of the one i clicked on and i want them back.
Open a ticket, same as you would if you accidentally trashed or disenchanted an item you didn't mean to.

Be aware it'll take a while. GMs are busy.
I am running up a toon to get the kalimdor lore master achievement on my account and eventually deleting this toon. Its my 11th toon and when i get MoP i was planning on rolling a panda monk. For now i am trying to get up my achievements.

Will i loose the achievement for my account if i delete this toon?
^ same question but about a mount
10/22/2012 07:09 PMPosted by Wheas
^ same question but about a mount

I haven't tested it, Wheas, so I cannot say with absolute certainty. But as far as I understand it, once an achievement, pet or mount is applied to the account, it should remain with that account.
Nvm i figured it out

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