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sounds like a load of crap .....easy but a load of crap !!!!!! just sayin
Mine did that forever, finally it jumped to 2 percent after bout 2 hours..
Cool. Been waiting a long time for this (10 player)!
Im stuck at reconfiguring game files 0% :(
08/28/2012 12:12 PMPosted by Cyous
You can also work on a wide variety of Achievements from multiple characters

So..for example, if I were to have 99 flag returns in WSG, and I got one more on my lvl10 alt, I would be awarded the 100 flag return achievement?

That seems really nice, actually.

Also, would this be included for the Loremaster (meta) achievement?

You'd still have to have the 100 returns on the one character. The example they gave for the meta achievement, the holiday one, you could have one full holiday completed on every character, and then you'd get the meta achievement and get the violet proto.
Tell your hamster to go faster. Optimization didn't take that long on a 6 year old machine for me. I'm wondering what Flintstones computer you guys have.
I'm ready to play! I've been up since 8am, it's now 2pm an I am experiencing withdrawal symptoms :P
08/28/2012 12:15 PMPosted by Éxplode
5.0.4 is being STUPID the optimization part has been at 1% for like an hour... this suuucks

Yay!!! 2%
Optimization?... kinda Ironic as its hella slow
I'd really like to work on the BG Veteran achievements (i.e. Alterac Valley Veteran) across multiple toons. 100 wins are hard to come by and I have wins spread across multiple toons.

Other "grindy" achievements, like disarming 25 bombs, taking 50 graveyards, etc, would also be nice at the account level.
I'd like some clarification on the achievements...
I have been working on "Glory of the Hero" on this toon and I have all but "Dehydration." I happen have "Dehydration" on my warlock, so does that mean I will get the achievement once I log into both toons?
arrrgghhh my configuration is still at 0% there is a little tiny hair of a red line on the downloading progress bar its been like this for 3.5 hours!!!! I wanna play!!
this is slow but very much worth the wait... thank you all involved for the ingenious changes!!!
I started min optimization and for a hour it was at 1% then went to 2 for about 30 mins then 5 mins later is rushed and was done.
08/28/2012 12:20 PMPosted by Lilyannauma
I'm ready to play! I've been up since 8am, it's now 2pm an I am experiencing withdrawal symptoms :P

Agreed. I'm incredibly excited about the new talents. Just for the fact that i can play pretty much what i want to play in pvp and still be viable :)

Update your addons. Check the "Project Site" for your addon if it's not updated to 5.0

For example, PowerAurasClassic is not updated, but the author said it will be released either Wednesday or Thursday due to many setbacks -- and that auras would not be saved due to so many buffs changing--it would be better to remake them anyways.

Some addons, like OmenThreatMeter, are still be readied for MOP, but have MOP Beta versions available.

Some addons are simply not updated at all, such as PlateBuffs.

Most addons are ready to go!: DBM, BigWigs, TidyPlates, Bartender, Quartz, and many more.

Be sure to update your addons!
thats what mine is at its stupid do we gotta do somethin to fix it
08/28/2012 12:09 PMPosted by Nethaera
Please be aware of the rules and guidelines we’ve just posted for how you can coalesce your account-wide pets and mounts smoothly and safely

What rules and guidelines?! I must be missing something on the forums. . .

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