Decoy Recruiting for MoP

Decoy is Recruiting for Strong Mature, and Reliable Raiders for MoP.

**About Decoy:

We are a 10man guild focused on progression. We maintain a fun and focused raid environment that acknowledges that, while WoW is ONLY a game we all play for Fun, Each and everyone of us has other obligations outside of the game. It is our goal to have a good time playing with out wasting each others time with excessive goofing off. We have a fun yet serious raid enviornment.


-You should have prior progression raiding experience. Anywhere from Vanilla - Cata/ Current content. What this means is that you understand what it means to be apart of a progression raiding team/guild.

-You should come to raid prepared with all the correct gems and enchants on your gear, as well as food, potions and flasks. Decoy will provide each night but come prepared anyway.

-You should be ready to wipe. Progression is difficult! Wiping for hours on a new boss is part of that, and you should be ready for it.

-You should know your class inside and out. Raiders can/will be asked to play multipul specs at any given time. You should play your main spec flawlessly and your OS just as well.

-You need to be a competent player. You should be able to play your class to its maximum potential while having High raid awareness.

**Loot System:

We use Loot Council. Gear is handed out accordinly. By means of Raid Attendance, Raid Awareness, Performance, Rank, What gear/IL you are replacing, Weather is BIS, and How long you have been apart of Decoy.

If you are going to cry over loot then this isnt the place for you. We take how and who we give Items out to very seriously and who it benifits the most to help the raid team progress.

**Raid Times:

Our raid days are Tuesday's, Wednesday's, and Thursday's 7-11pm ST (Server Time)


If you are interested in joining Decoy -- Message on this post or Message Batosi or Mezu in game. If we are not on our mains /who Decoy and they can most likely point you in the direction of either of us for you to get ahold of.
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