Can't Add Companion To Your Account

Bug Report
Can't Add Companion To Your Account.
You can't have any more pets.

Is there a cap on pets? I have a large number of duplicates but 124 pets (1 pet away from 125 achievement :( ). When I right click on Magic Lamp or a TOC pet It gives the above message.
I am having the same issue, very frustrating. No one needs (or wants) ten duplicates of the same pet. Do we have to kill them off in battle or something to add more?
I noticed you can release them.... I'm waiting to see if any changes occur.

but I have a pet in inventory waiting for my 125th pet and can't learn it.
500 is the limit, I was at 532. I wish the duplicates were like mounts singles I am scared I will accidentally delete one I want to keep lol.
I am currently at 608 pets and am getting same message. Yet on another character that has a total of 100 pets cant learn one either. My bf learned 3 this morning, just before im thinking the broke it with the restart :(
Going to correct myself. I went and released enough companions for my numbers to be below 500 and was then able to learn a new one!!! YAY!! its not broken!!!
I have the same problem. I have the same pet multiple characters and instead of being counted once per account, they are all counted individually per character. This has grossly inflated my pet list.

Bug or the logic used in the coding?
Come Sept 25th, you'll be able to cage your duplicate pets and re-sell them.

Normally, you'd only be able to have 3 of each pet and 500 max, but this one time can push you over that limit. You'll be able to deflate your numbers soon enough and learn new pets again.
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Im having this issue with my Darkmoon Cub. And i dont have duplicates. Also I only have 138 unique and 149 total.

Btw.... Who the hell has 600+ pets. Ash Ketchum would be proud.
Yomonica, I noticed you obtained a Pet Cage about 9 hours ago. Does this contain the Darkmoon Cub? And if so is it above level 14 (the highest level pet you currently own)? I ask as you cannot learn a pet if you do not already have a pet of equal or greater level.

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