[A] Genesis 10man Recruiting 1 Healer for MoP

Most of the 10 man is level 90 and almost ready to grind heroics. Need a holy paladin or a holy/disc priest that will be raid ready by tuesday.
Need someone this weekend that wants to grind up gear and start raiding tuesday.
This is my 4am app that will probably be more thorough than necessary
Hraided through most of wrath on my old account as a rsham/warr tank
Did some minor raid leading 8/13 and quit Cata early January with guild
Been playing casual on this account for a few months now and looking to get back into raiding in MoP
Currently 455 ilvl, expect to be fully geared/gemmed/etc by tuesday
As of right now I can make these raid times np, but I am currently looking for a new job irl and worry that there could be schedule conflicts down the road.
Get back to me when you can, if you want to try me out cool, if you would rather hold out for someone who is a confirmed* long term fit, I understand
I have more or less become nocturnal since launch so if you don't catch me in game, feel free to send me mail in-game, post below on this forum, hack my friends list, w/e u gotta do

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