Arena's/RBG's in MoP

I'm coming back to proudmoore probably a couple weeks or so after MoP drops. I know this is a heavily populated server and even though its PVE, I also know there are people damned interested in getting some arena's and RBG's done. Who are these people and where are you hiding. When I come back, I'll be looking to join teams for 2's 3's 5's 10's 40's and RBG's. To keep it short and sweet, I'm looking for people that dont QQ and quit after two losses and will stick through together for the entire season, the good parts, and the bad parts. I'll post more info a little later on, depending on how many bites I get. If you're interested, just drop a reply in this thread.
NEG!! :) Ill be your healer if you ever need a hpally! I know you would prolly prefer a preist over me but let me know! Glad to see you coming back :)
WLD for fun.

I have to come back. Sure farming rare spawns, mounts and other shenanigans has been fun and had its perks, but after that there is NOTHING to do here. This server doesn't even have a realm first H Madness kill yet. Reason I'm bringing up PVP is because I really, REALLY want to get heavy into it, especially after all the awesome changes to locks, and I dont want to go to another server for that. I like Proudmoore in all its shining glory
If it's competitive RBGs/Arena count me in.
If you're interested in titles I'd consider running MLD with you. What are your goals as far as ratings go?
my goals?

Well the arena master requires a 2200 rating, so that's a start.

And 2400 rating right there.

I'm going as far as people are willing to go. No quitting, no stopping. Once I've gotten back to the server and can see who I'm working with, we can actually talk about days and times. I dont want to be super hardcore about this, but I want to make the best of the time we use
Sounds good.

When you get a chance hit me up in game or mail me for skype info so we can talk more in depth.
I'll most likely be going pvp healer in MoP - but I'm down Neg. Maybe I'd level Weetang just for !@#$s and giggles to pvp with after the paladin.
I'm probably coming back much sooner then I had thought. I didn't want to leave until I have all the rare spawns. Aeonaxx is the last one, but when MoP goes live, zones will become cross-server, so a low populated server just got busy, killing any hopes of camping in peace.

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