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Level 1 guild created about a year ago looking to recruit players of all levels and classes.
Have 50+ members and close to reaching guild level 2.

I am taking everyone, but I'd very much like some level 85s to join as well. It would ease the guild levelling and since we are a relatively small guild I'd like to create a tight-knit dungeon party (yes dungeon party) of four to progress together and help players gear up once Mists of Pandaria comes out.

I have six level 85s ( tanks/heals/dps all above ilvl 380) which I can use to help you gear up. I also have 525 in most professions except LW/Alchemy.

One last thing, we do not focus on any aspect of the game as of yet (pvp/pve/rp) because we are still a small guild without level 85s, but I would love to once the guild is ready.

If you'd like to reach me in game, my characters are: Dorangel, Renaldo, Shoè, Sîlens, Thadionus. As for horde, my toons are Pavilion and Chernobill.
Update - We are now level 12 and heading on 13.

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