Realm First Death Knight Streaming

Death Knight - Currently streaming 90 Death Knight PoV - Heroics/BGs/Dailies/Scenarios. Come check it out!! Interactive chat/Good Music and Q&A. I will be streaming pretty much everything WoW related as well as many other games!
Bump for support :)
Back online streaming jungle cleave w/ Triangle.
"UH! Howling blast! UH! Howling blast!"

lol. xD
Now online streaming BG's Warrior POV
08/25/2012 07:16 AMPosted by Pachyderm
You don't have to bump so much, dude.

I'm stealing your transmog on my second DK, dude.

Just saying.
Now online.
Now online!
thanks for streaming bro! what benefits do u see over using dw over 2h?
Now online!
Be Online Soon!
Now Online
Still Online
Now Online!!

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