LF 1.9k-2k+ Lock for MoP

Burning Legion
As the title says my partner and I are looking for a 1.9k-2k+exp lock for MoP! We are 2.1k and 2k exp this season in arenas and want to push 2.3-2.4k+in arenas this coming season, the comp will be MLD. If i cannot find a lock I would love to run KFC (Warrior, Hunter, Healer).

So get back to me here if you meet the requirements or send me an in-game message if you are interested in either comps!
NO! BAD BUB!!!!!
Quick update, my war partner from Nerzhul (Bloodlust) who has hit 2.2k+ will be xferring here either today or sometime tomorrow. He's hit 2.2k+ on Nerzhul which is about 2.4k+on vindication. Me and him have hit 2k on Nerzhul and we will be looking for a Hunter for KFC (our preferred comp) or a Warlock for WLD.

If you have at least 1.9k-2k+exp in 3s and are interested reply back to me here or send me an in-game message. We will be pushing 2.3k-2.4k+
Oh hai bub
OH hai borra!

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