Looking for someone to RP with

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Hey guys I wanted to find someone to start a new character with, explore the starting areas as if im new to wow, and enjoy the game with a fresh look. After 6+ years of hardcore playing I just wanted to get back to basics...so if anyone would like to join me ill gladly start a new character tonight.

Hoping to hear from you!
Kind of a bad time to be starting fresh with the patch dropping tomorrow. But maybe after the hoopla dies down.
I'm interested...where can I contact you?
joodah im on mannoroth server either on character Korpus (this guy0 or on Zapadlo

im online
You are offline.
i just loged off made a char on moon guard lol ok online now

zapadlo orc rogue
Where are you?
mannoroth server im at booty bay whats ur char name
ill be interested to lvl a char with you

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