NGC - LF 1 healer/1 DPS for 4/8 HM10


NGC is looking to add a couple players to our rosters - and we have immediate openings in our main group. Currently, we are specifically recruiting for:

1 Healer (Druid or Priest)
1 DPS (DK, Hunter, Warlock, Warrior)

Our healer position has an opening that will be available starting next week, 09/03/2012. The DPS position will be as a reservist; however, our reserve DPS usually gets into raids without issue, and will get just about every kill they need, as we're pretty flexible about getting volunteers to sit out for bosses; however, don't expect to be in on a progression boss, unless another DPS is out (this happens a decent bit). We run with 11 people to allow scheduling flexibility.

We provide raid consumables; flasks, feasts, and potions. Enchants, in many cases, are also provided by the guild, as are glyphs.

Raid times: Weds/Thurs at 6:30 server. Sometimes, we will run on one day or another - depending on the needs of the raiders. Loot rules are free roll - we do not utilize a DKP or Loot Council, nor do we have any intention on doing so.

As far as our guild goes, NGC traces back to vanilla WoW on the Bloodscalp server. Throughout the years, the core has essentially remained the same, and the majority of us are now very good friends outside of wow. We like to have a lot of fun when we raid - that being said, we believe in "anything goes" in the guild. If you're offended easily, you should probably think about another guild. That being said, we're quite professional when it comes to raiding, and expect everyone in the raid to be on their A-game.

We ask that you apply elsewhere if you're under 21. Really, just.. don't bother with us.

For more details, whisper me in game! Or (as of 08/28) add my gamertag...


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