Battleground Blacklist Broken

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The battleground blacklist doesn't work. It still puts me into battlegrounds that I blacklist when I join the random queue.
Same here, I was so excited to never get strand again then bam! Slaps me in the face as the first one i get.
Same here I blacklisted 2 battlegrounds and one of them just popped up.
Same here.
Same here, blacklisted Isle and AV i have done 3 randoms today, and got 1 av and 2 isles.
Same here. Really want this fixed asap, queueing for randoms is useless without it.
same here. It also says I'll get conquest for a win..
We're aware of this issue, a fix has been applied and should be resolved after the next round of server restarts.
An alternative solution is to remove the Deserter debuff :D
I noticed the same thing so I kept complaining when I would get AB as a random. Then my group ended up getting the AB perfection and the achieve to win it in like 6 minutes. Sometimes a little annoyance pays off.
You need to sticky this so people don't KEEP posting about it. Or well, add it to the known issues list.
Realms have been restarted I'm still getting put into blacklisted BG's.
08/30/2012 06:40 AMPosted by Mohela
Realms have been restarted I'm still getting put into blacklisted BG's.

Whats wrong with your face
08/30/2012 06:50 AMPosted by Kerrighan
Whats wrong with your face

Good one.
Still broken as of Friday evening.
Still broken, please make it sticky
Can't queue for Wintergrasp or Tol Barad if anything is currently thumbed down either.
Have both Strand an AV AV first...then strand...then ioc... Really?
Just chiming in. It doesn't work. I know you know, but just adding my two little cents. :)

Also, since the patch, I am consistently seeing the same battleground queues pop when queuing for a Random Battleground. Strand of the Ancients is always blacklisted, but I still get that one. When I blacklist Eye of the Storm its almost always Alterac Valley. When I blacklist Alterac Valley, its almost always Eye of the Storm. And every now and then I will get The Battle for Gilneas or Isle of Conquest.

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