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Used to be there was a check box in downloader preferences to enable or disable background downloads. If you needed some bit of data it would be downloaded but otherwise it wouldn't wouldn't download while you played if you kept it unchecked. Or at least so it seemed.

Now however the interface is simplified and that check box is gone. There is only a box to enable/disable peer to peer, and one to allow gameplay regardless of bandwidth. How does one go about stopping the Background download currently?

I'm asking this because I like to download the majority of the data between 2 a.m. and 7 a.m. when Satellite internet allows me unlimited download. However continuing past that point would quickly use up my 350 mB daily allotment which would throttle me down to 8 kB per second, plus playing with 1500 latency is less than ideal. I typically switch over to cellular internet in order to play which has a latency of 150-200. That's 50 dollars for every 2 gB of use I give it though. Not a big deal under normal circumstances, but with that background download that would amount to an extra $250 to download the update.

So does anyone know of a way to stop the background downloader now that the interface has changed, command line options perhaps?
I need this info too as I'm currently on a restricted broadband account which keeps being sent "unauthorised excess download" notifications.
I urgently need to be able to turn off the background downloader...or be forced to stop playing WoW until I get back to USA (and back on my unrestricted broadband) in mid October.
Help needed please
in a similar situation myself and this works-

to run without background download (except for important game data), you must block agent.exe.

get a free firewall such as zonealarm, install with a minimal setup.

in the program section of the firewall allow the 'world of warcraft setup' and 'world of warcraft retail' and block 'agent.exe' called battlenet update agent, and also block 'launcher and installer' otherwise it will try to run multiple agents.

run the program from the exe file (either wow.exe or wow64.exe) directly from the world of warcraft directory in the program files directory.

it will need to load in new zones for a short period shown by a spinning indicator (top middle screen). when this is red it says 'downloading core game data' in this state it will only load critical data which wont be much, but it still has that problem of slow latency time etc, it will then turn yellow which is 'downloading important data' which gives you some control and latency is ok, next it goes green which brings latency back to normal and there is no downloading apart from the usual game data like other players, your interaction etc.

to run the downloader again you must go into the firewall and unblock agent and the launcher, then run the launcher.

if it wont go past intializing.. then-

go into the directory (on xp) \users\all users\application data\

in that directory will be a subdirectory called agent. delete it. when you run launcher next, it will download a new agent (only small) and it will all run properly.

the problem with agent not going past intializing and running multiple versions of itself is not related to the firewall, its some other problem, but this fix works.
Method 2:

- Enable viewing hidden files in windows.

1. Run WOW and enter the game. it will start downloading.
2. Enter c:/programdata/ and rename agent.exe to anything else.
3. Start task manager and kill agent process.
i have same issue im on satalite and i cant play wow now cuz the downloader used up my threshold. i think doin away with the disable button on the downloader was another one of blizzards ways of rooting out people that cant get anything but dial up or statalite. i used to like playing their games but its not as user friendly as they used to me.
So far, none of these methods have worked for me. I really need to sort this problem out. I keep chewing through 40g of internet in a few weeks because of this downloader. What's going on?!
has anyone found a solution for the background download yet ??

The thread you've bumped is from a year ago. If you have a question, I'd normally recommend creating a new thread.

If you're using the new Desktop App you can go into the game settings -> Game update section and set all of the games to 'Never' update. You won't download anything that way.

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This method does not work, I can't figure out how to use this
_click start
_type taskmgr in search menu
_click performance tab
_click image lane
_check box Agent.exe
_right click Agent.exe
_click suspend process
05/03/2017 07:30 PMPosted by Bumpworthy
_click start
_type taskmgr in search menu
_click performance tab
_click image lane
_check box Agent.exe
_right click Agent.exe
_click suspend process

even doing this and the game continues to download in the background y u so !@#$ blizz

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