Felguard issue

Same. I was trying Demon again before panda and in Dragon soul every pull he died. And I know my lock, as all of you presence was off. I thought maybe it was me, but even in game i was doing hour of twlight runs with my priest alt and every lock who had a wrathguard or felguard were dying all the time on trash and bosses. dunno wtf is up with blizz right now.

tell you one thing, my friend has his hunter and is using beast mastery. dam sure not having issues lol
1. threat ability off
2. harvest life / soul leech for t1 talent.
3. soul link as t3 talent
4. glyph of siphon life
5. ?????????????
6. profit.

looked at your talents / glyphs, you have ZERO healing that does not involve health stones/cooldown.

between the GoSL, soul leech/harvest life, and soul link, your demon should pretty much NEVER die. i use http://us.battle.net/wow/en/tool/talent-calculator#VZ!220200!bUpihQ and not only does my demon pretty much NEVER die, but it also is used as the scenario groups tank if we don't have a tank.
Hopefully this is something that our Blizz people will fix because Im having the same problem with my felguard.

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