Can't add any more pets to account

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I just bought the warbot companion from the dal toy vendor and when i go to learn it i get the error that i can't add companion to my account and can't learn any more pets.

My running total from the 14 chars I have logged into is currently 868 total so what's the problem.
I'm looking for answers also, i bought the fox kilt and I cant learn it, says i cant add anymore pets
Oh I found it. Problem will be fixed on launch of MOP
I just read through that...and what is says is that 500 (and 3 of each type) is the limit really, but they will make a one time exception during merge. That thread was before the patch...which is when the "merge" seems to have taken place. Once that happens you need to go through the list and Right Click "Release" any duplicates you do not want (and get them all down to 3 or less). By doing so you should be able to get down below the 500 max and have room for the Warbot.

PS - So glad they added him to the toy store!

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